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    • Tsudo N1 vs. SRS Axleback exhaust
      Which axleback exhaust is preferred? Which is more aggressive or louder? Links for both exhaust below! https://www.semotors.com/tsudo-08-11-lancer-de-es-gts-n1-jdm-axleback-exhaust-v2/ http://www.srstuning.com/SRS_Mitsubishi_Lancer_DS_ES_GTS_08_11_Axleback_exh_p/srs-abex-mesab0811.htm
    • CVT metal grinding type noise
      Hello, so my 09 lancer just recently hit 76,000 and she has given me no problems until recently I hear the cvt tranny make a high pitch metal sheering sound when going between 4,500 and 5,000 rpms. It does it when accelerating through that zone and decelerating as well.   I think it may be my battery, but I just want to be sure before replacing it. The battery is oem  and has never been replaced. The last time I checked it the CCA were pretty low to the point where the shop told me to replace it, but it still starts without a problem. ( rarely it does have a lag before start up)   any idea what it may be? I am a spirited driver as well.
    • Mine Progress Thread
      NJ 1, me 0. Looks like I won't be selling these to fund the next setup. On the bright side - I already have wheels on order.  18x9.5 +35 should bring me nicely flush  
    • Plastic shelf behind rear seat rattle
      So far my best solution which I've been using for about 8 months with no issue is clear 1/4 inch tubing pushed between the glass and plastic. I put the link below. I cut it and forced it between them both. Honestly can't even tell and over time it forms to it. Completely took away the awful vibration sound  https://www.homedepot.com/p/Sioux-Chief-1-4-in-O-D-x-0-170-in-I-D-x-10-ft-Clear-PVC-Tubing-900-01030C00101/202257567  
    • Nice to be back...
      Thanks!   If anyone knows someone who is selling a RIPPMOD supercharger for V6 eclipse, let me know....
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      Just do resonator delete and straight pipe if you want for sound. Imo.