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    • My Lancer Race Toy
      So, the next round I did take the first place. In general the car felt good but the stock RA wastegate started acting up again limiting the boost to 0.6 bar (stuck open) I did also quite some autobahn kilometers recently and decided I need to change the alignment, namely fix the toe out and reduce the front camber a little as the car is trying to kill me on wet asphalt  although on dry asphalt I am racing BMW M3's and Porsches with 240-260 kmh and I am getting them in the corners    
    • Jhadzei Progress Thread
      Been trying to find a flat front splitter like this.. where can I find this?
    • Sepelio
      Hello, Hope you all are well today. Figured I'd start my project page today. I currently own a 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 5Spd. It's going to be daily driven so going for a N/A build, mostly focusing on air flow through and around the car. Doubt I'll go with a lightweight flywheel or pulley (pulley could happen if feel like the increase in output outweighs the loss in stability. Here he is stock with side wind deflectors. Sitting @ stock heigth, I'm considering H&R Sport Springs. I was advised about the damage that can be dealt to the struts so I'm searching for performance struts in the meantime (any suggestions). Just ordered a Ralliart Intake Ducting (Part# 1505A305 ). Should be here in a few days. Next update will include a pictorial review of the install.  Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy the projects unfolding. Sincerely, Sepelio
    • New Members Are You Looking For A Tune?
      Please message us here https://www.facebook.com/RALLInspired-Calibration-Testing-470134839706946/
    • Ls3 swap
      90% sure they don't make ls3 engine mounts for the lancer. As everyone else has stated its going to cost alot of money. But I won't discourage you, if you have that kind of money to spend(which is going to be a ton) I'd say do it, cause I think you would be the first one to actually do it. If you decide to go through with keep us posted because that would be a mad build in more ways than one.