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    • Uk 1.5 Litre Lancer
      You going for the STi Lip on it? Or a proper low splitter? 
    • new to lancers
      the ES and the now discontinued DE trims have/had the cvt transmission as an option. Manual transmissions are standard on all non awd lancers and you have to pay an extra 1k to have a rubber band squeezed by a few cones.
    • TN Lancer Gts
      Welcome. Looks good!  
    • Uk 1.5 Litre Lancer
      Thank you. Yeah hopefully new splitter in the next few months. Fingers crossed!  
    • *Ultimate Lowering Thread*
        I need some advice from the wheel gurus.  I just purchased a 2015 Lancer SE and want to put some XXR 530 18x8.75 +33 offset on it. 
        I perused many forums and don't have much information, but I also want to install air suspension.  (I live in mountainous West Virginia, so static isn't an option).  I've installed bags on my 3g Eclipse before, so I know wheel/tire fitment is crucial.
        Does anyone have a suggestion on tire fitment? 225/40? 235/40? 
        Of course, normal drive height will be slightly lower than stock, but I also want to slam it at events.

      Any help is appreciated!
    • Mine Progress Thread
      Depends on when we get off the job site, some nights we are out by 7 or 8, others we won't leave until 3am