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  2. Now I just need to find a Front Bumper and Hood haha ^^ Thanks ! Love the look of your car Would like to buy a Ralliart/Evo Hood but I don't see that much in sell. If I don't find a used one, I think i'ma going to aftermarket one, but I don't know from where brand haha ^^ Your diffuser is awesome, I don't know if I like more the one that MINE recommand me or your haha ! By the way, your Exhaust rock, look so good, does it's sound good? I think I will go with this, anyway there not a tons of different exhaust for Lancer Models I think. Thanks !
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  4. Mine Progress Thread

    Just found them on ebay Was it hard to install ? Maybe want to do this myself but with white trim on the door like this : And Bride Trim on the top like you did ^^ I'm a bit affraid of the white being dirty after some week tbh
  5. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

  6. SE AWC new member

    Welcome to PL! A good way to upload photos is though photobucket or other free sharing sites then link in your threads and the picture usually shows up in a nice size
  7. Not sure how much awd affects gas, as I am fwd only. Exhausts: (UNDER the Performance forum) you can always get wheels powerdercoated in whatever gold you like
  8. Mine Progress Thread

    All of the Bride fabric was ordered online, I think from Alibaba or similar
  9. Yes you read that right!!! 40% OFF ALL HOODS, ONE WEEK ONLY *** What are you waiting for??! Take advantage of this 7 day limited sale while supplies last!!!40% off all Duraflex, Carbon Creations, & Aero Function Hoods across the board!!!! Call or PM me today for pricing!!! 714-278-8000 EXT 61 - MATT
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  11. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Thanks man. I probably won't change the bumper unless I can find an OEM 08-15 one cheap online somewhere. As for the part I had to paint. It wasn't bad. Just make sure it's high heat paint. Made the mistake of not using that at first and it cracked after a couple of days.
  12. Yes you read that right!!! 40% OFF ALL HOODS, ONE WEEK ONLY *** What are you waiting for??! Take advantage of this 7 day limited sale while supplies last!!!40% off all Duraflex, Carbon Creations, & Aero Function Hoods across the board!!!! Call or PM me today for pricing!!! 714-278-8000 EXT 61 - MATT
  13. Ralliart hood

    compare them to your paint code that is located near your door panel. CMU10017, U17 - Mercury grey mettalic A31, CMA10031 - silver mettalic
  14. Hey man! I have a 2016 ES. To answer a few of your questions, here are some of my list of what I did that is applicable to your query: (MINE already have answered most of them) Ralliart Hood - Evo hood will also fit, you may need to change the bolts as what I did but it was not an issue. Duraflex is good if you are handy in sanding but I'd stay away from them. I suggest searching for a used OEM hoods to assure proper fitment and less complications. Lancer-X Rear diffuser - I purchased my diffuser on ebay and it was from Russia. It is similar to the M-Power ones but cheaper and the fits very tightly. I did some minor tweaking since I need a bigger exit hole for my exhaust. Plastdip accents-now switched to Vinyl - I used to plasti dip everything that is chrome but I switched all of them to vinyl wrap. Much smoother and cleaner look compared to the plastidip. Vivid is the less inexpensive brand but I'd go with either Avery or 3M. One thing good with these products is that you can always peel them off if you're unhappy with it. Injen SES exhaust- this is my current set-up now. Its an axle-back and it's a direct fir to the newer models. Just keep in mind that there are two different areas where your pipe exits; one from the center and one from the rear passenger side.
  15. 10 Years Today!

    Happy Birthday !
  16. Gold Wheel Many of them are more ''Bronze'' than gold looking haha ! ^^ Didn't found the Thread about Exhaust that you talk about by the way. And I had another question, AWC take more fuel right, because of the weight I presume and the 4 wheel that spin' at the same time. If I put it in 2WD, will it use fuel like if it was awc anyway or nope ? Is it really a gamechanger in the fuel consumption haha ? Thanks for all your answer !
  17. Ralliart hood

    So I found a guy selling a hood however it's off a 2014 ralliart graphite grey, I drive a 2015 lancer se mercury grey. Are they literally the same color? It's about 4 hours from me and I don't want to make the trip if it don't even match up
  18. Mine Progress Thread

    Nice car man ! By the way, where did you buy these ''Bride'' trim ? Look so cool, original Gray interior in the Mitsubishi looks so odd. ^^
  19. SE AWC new member

    Welcome ! Have fun !
  20. Andy's RA

    Thanks! Cleanliness is godliness haha
  21. So with that weight reduction a lancer se probably gets a little more performance out of the ralliart suspension. It definitely raised my ride height, and i can still take corners like 50% faster than stock. 225 width z rated tires over the stock 205s definitely help too.
  22. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    Thought I might revive my thread real quick, so i have the hood installed and im loving it so far, still running the HPI SRI, but now i want to see about getting hood dampers but i only see some that work for the stock hood or stock evo hood. Anyone know which brand or who makes some for carbon fiber hoods?
  23. I'd like to announce that today is Project Lancers 10th year anniversary!
  24. You're right with the weight. RA is approximately 1900kgs compared to SE which is 1800kgs.
  25. Im not sure the weight is too different between a RA and SE since the SE lancer also has an awd system. Ralliarts have a few added parts to improve rigidity which will add a little extra weight. Not sure the weight difference between the 2.0 turbo and 2.4 motor/sst and cvt transmissions either. I havent had one complaint about the setup. It has never felt too soft or too stiff, and i can fly on really nasty roads and it will stay completely planted. Most of the roads where i live are twisty mountain type roads thatbarent always very well kept. The suspension even performs well on busted dirt roads. Id say if youre going to race on a track the setup would be too soft, but for daily driving its perfect.
  26. Gloomy day

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