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  2. Resonator

    Hello I have a 2009 lancer es sport. I have an Injen axle back exhaust on it already and I want to cut off and replace my stock resonator with one that’ll make it louder and still pass inspection. Does anyone know the piping size and/or any resonators that are the same size that I can just clamp on into the old spot with minor cutting to do. Thanks!!!
  3. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    @Alca. I swapped the black housing😊 turns out mine is not direct swap had to do some minor cutting but it works. Might end up going back to stock though since fuel mileage is higher than normal (might be since I also have muffler delete...or not we'll see) for now anyways. All codes went away after I had left the car sitting for 10 minutes so no complaints there Tip: turns out using the black tb housing from a different year lancer doesn't work. You end up with same problem as not swapping (possibly worse). Just thought I'd share that bit of knowledge Don't mind the tags and quotes I can't seem to get rid of those :/
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  5. Engine parts compatibilty

    EVO X aftermarket intakes would not fit simply because of the fitment in engine bay. EVO battery is located in the trunk, therefore aftermarket intake filter boxes or piping occupy that space where our battery is located.
  6. Engine parts compatibilty

    Hey guys so I drive a 09 GTS 2.4L. Against whatever everyone says I'm determined to make it as powerful as i can. Ive read on other sites and etc. That evo x parts fit but the evo x is a 2.0T. If a stock Evo x intake manifold works for a 2.4 that would mean, buying the aftermarket intakes should work as well. Now i know the evo is turbo. Im just curious if anyone has tried this. and If anyone knows if the fuel injectors would work as well. I cant seem to find aftermarket parts for the 2.4 and willing to see if the 2.0 will work. Also I'm trying to stay away from RRM.
  7. Exhaust help Lancer Gts 2008

    Hello guys, I recently joined the forum, and Im having a hard time deciding, especially because i read so many different opinions that i dont know wich one should i follow, i have a Lancer Gts 2008, i want to build a custom exhaust, but the options are 2.0¨ or 2.5¨, i would like to go for the 2.25¨ but im still looking for an store that has that stainless pipe diameter, since i live in the Dominican Republic not everything is so cheap to buy or easy to get, also if you have any suggestions about the cat (i will probably delete), resonator (Most likely i will keep it) and muffler choice. One more thing one friend is telling me to bend the tubes, but another friend is telling me that is better to buy straight tubes and get 45 degree elbows (Or whatever piece is needed) and weld them with TIG, what do you guys think, anything of the previous topics you can help me is aprecciated. Thanks,
  8. Interesting thread, thnx for sharing...
  9. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    @JLancer98 you have to replace the black plastic housing from your OEM TB onto the 4g69 TB. Its something that needs to be done! Just take out the 4 Torq screws and pull the housing slightly. I think there is also a gasket which you have to leave on the black housing (like a cover). My comments were mostly recommendations to make your life easier lol Good luck!
  10. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    @Alca. Congrats man n great how to👌 wish I could say i was so lucky. Just got mine on n of coarse I get a cel and idle bouncing from 1k-1.5k🙄 batt disconnect not working leaving it idle is not working Can't reset cel with my obd reader either.....gonna take it off tomorrow and see if switching the black plug from the stock tb will work
  11. 2015 lancer gts shifter?

    I know how to do it, i am just neesing to know if its doable on the 2015. I seen someone on another forum say you cant, but im not going to trust just one persons opinion, i need facts lol
  12. 2015 lancer gts shifter?

    All I got
  13. 2015 lancer gts shifter?

    Hey guys and gals. I have a 2015 es cvt lancer. I was wanting to do the gts shifter installation, but upon researching it, i can't find info about anything 2013+. So basically is it plug and play on the 2015 aswell? I know how to do it, i just need to know the compatability of the different year models. Thanks in advance.
  14. That's cool to see man! Good luck with it!
  15. FYI: EVOIV Spoiler

    #albertastrong wing!
  16. FYI: EVOIV Spoiler

    I just saw this on my daily commute. If anyone wanted to swap, it will hang, and looks it will poke the back windshield
  17. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    So after 21 months I finally go the crack in my front trim fixed. I wanted to clear coat it, but then I saw the the black chrome kit at Canadian Tire. I got used to the darker front end, and I wanted to keep it black. So far, it looks good and has held pretty well after 1 car wash.
  18. Hi everyone, I own an SCCA race shop in Tampa, FL. I build race cars and race them. Right now Im finishing the build of my 2008 Lancer ES. If you would like to follow the build you can follow me on instagram at Premier_racing_services. Below is a video of the parts layout.
  19. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    For clarification purposes: 1. My ride is a 2012 Lancer DE (2.0L - 4b11). I took off the battery throughout the whole process. 2. I had to replace the top coolant line (it goes from the top side of the TB towards the back of the engine). The bottom coolant line is perfect. Suggestion: take out the battery, it'll free some space. I removed the OEM intake as well since I was installing the Injen CAI and it was very convenient. 3. As soon as you unplug the top line from the end that's not connected to the TB, connect the new one and seal it. You are now done switching out the top line. When you disconnect the other line from the TB, seal it (I used a ratchet extension to plug it since the caps I bought were too big). 4. Next to the TB there is a wire that's fastened with a plastic strip. Use a scissor to break the plastic harness and AVOID CUTTING THE PLASTIC/WIRES. This is because the bottom line will be inaccessible with that thing there blocking the way. 5. Put something underneath you car. Coolant will be lost. If you have Injen CAI: You won't need to use a coupler. I didn't, make sure you can wiggle it around a little bit and get it in there. Take off the bumper, it's so much more easy to do it that way. @MINE I did most of it by myself and wasn't able to take pictures mid way. If you need pics I can try and get some for you.
  20. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    Nice. Get any pictures mid-install? Any tips or tricks?
  21. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    Success! 4G69 TB + Injen CAI installed. No idle issues, no CEL, and some minor coolant spills. Didn't need the coupler in the end. Managed without it. Next up: RRM lightweight pulley.
  22. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    good luck bro.
  23. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    Fantastic. I'm installing everything today, wish me luck!
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  25. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    from 09 to 12 you can use the trottle of the 4G69 in the 2013 onwards does not work and I pass in mine that is 2014
  26. What Springs should I go with?

    I have Eibach pro-kits on mine and gave me a very subtle drop, around 1.2 (front) and 0.8 (rear). I settled with these as winter here in Canada is brutal, I need to have a drivable stance since I daily it. Me and my buddy installed the springs and took us around 3-3.5 hours. Definitely need the spring compressors as it may be very dangerous if you'd hit your face when removing them. Since mine is a 16, we still managed to use the old sway link bars. I've heard for some they ended grindering it as it may be a pain in the ass and not worth the time fiddling with it. I think they cost like $30 at any local auto stores. Here's my current ride height now:
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