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  2. 4G69 throttle body installation

    Hello and welcome! I have a 2016 ES and will be swapping the 4g69 TB this spring with the help of a buddy of mine. The stock coolant hoses needs to be changed as it won't reach. You also need to change the black box and just need to make a slight cut to fit the housing. Just let the engine idle for 5 mins to have it re-learn after install.
  3. hello

    Welcome to PL! Lots of ideas on this site for tinkering. Post some pics of your ride! Any first mods planned?
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  5. hello

    hello! i’m just looking to tinker with my car and learn how everything works and eventually slap some mods on my lancer
  6. 5a5fea2cd467d-hnHT3Cz1.jpg

    From the album michael lancer

  7. 4G69 throttle body installation

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  9. 4G69 throttle body installation

    Good day ladies and gents! I’m new to PL! Been working on my 2016 Lancer gts 4b12. Been looking into installing the 4g69 and was wondering what everyone did for the coolant line reservoir. Definitely keeping it because of our sh*tty winters in New Brunswick, but was wondering if the coolant line from the 4b12 will reach the 4g69 throttle body. Also any certain steps you guys took please let me know! Thanks!
  10. New car guy looking to learn

    Ok, thanks for your help. I’ll look into that ok I’ll start one soon
  11. New car guy looking to learn

    Performance gains will be modest unless you go with forced induction. There are a couple of well-documented projects for this, check out TFlash for his write-ups, pretty sure Blizzard25 also has some good turbo info. Common performance mods that are pretty easy include exhaust and intakes, suspension upgrades, brake upgrades. Lightweight pulleys are also available, not sure how easy those are to swap. As for styling you have a lot of choices, really best to browse photos until you find something you like. Interior details are good starting points (shift knobs, sill plates) , or painting/dipping/wrapping parts to mix it up. You should start a build thread to track your progress and post some photos of where you are starting. Happy modding!
  12. New car guy looking to learn

    Ok, thanks for the help. I’m looking for both really
  13. New car guy looking to learn

    Welcome to PL! Head on over to the member rides section of the forum and take a look at some build threads. You can see where others started and where they ended up and that can give you a great place to start. Are you looking for performance gains? Styling changes? There is a lot of great info on this site, peruse for a bit and ask away.
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  15. Like the title says.....i just replaced my o2 sensor (p0137and p0171) and now im getting the code p2122 (throttle position sensor). My car is now in limp mode and i cant figure out why. It goes in and out of limp mode and it decides to go limp when it feels like it whether im driving 40 miles to work (no limp mode) or 2 miles to the store (limp mode activates at red light).I tried looking for a replacement but couldnt find one for the 2010 lancer ES. Does anyone know if we have a throttle position sensor or do i have to change out the entire throttle body? And the location of the throttle position sensor? Also i have sprintbooster installed for 7 years with no issues until now. I will uninstall sprintbooster first to see if that works.
  16. New Car Guy Who Wants To Learn

    Hi y’all so I just bought my first car back in August of 2017, an ‘09 Lancer ES. Now that I have everything payed off and I got a raise I’d like to start modding my car but I don’t know where to start or what to do. Money isn’t too much of an issue but since I am only 18 I’m also trying to save for the future. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. New car guy looking to learn

    Hi y’all I’m a new car guy. Bought my first car back in August of 2017; an ‘09 Lancer base model. I really want to start modding it but as I said I’m new to this and have no idea where to start or what to do. I have a steady job and make decent money so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue but I am only 18 so I’m trying o save money for the future as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  18. lancer es front lip

    anyone have any idea where to get this front lip kit?
  19. My first lancer

    Welcome to PL! Wheels and tint are good. For aesthetic mods many people get lips, side skirt extensions, diffusers, stuff like that. Headlights are also a popular mod. On the performance side exhaust and/or intakes are good places to start. Start a build thread and let's see some pics!
  20. My first lancer

    So I just bought my first lancer today and I was wondering what are good mods to install? The thing already has aftermarket wheels and tires and tinted windows.
  21. Installing Cruise Control

    Check this link out... Will tell u step by step how to and parts required.
  22. Transmission Bearing

    Welp it sounds like I have a bad transmission bearing. I took it to the dealer and had a tech ride along, he confirmed what I suspected. When I called about a warranty fix they said I'd have to provide receipts for the fluids from previous services, since I did the changes myself. The car is at 96K, this is the only issue I've had. I don't have the receipts from all of my changes, so far only found one. I'd love to tell them the reason I won;t go the dealer for service but that won;t get me anywhere... Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has dropped the tranny for bearing replacement and how involved that process is, whether it is worth just getting a new lower-mileage 5-spd or dealing with it myself. Comments and advice appreciated.
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  24. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    I'm surprised it came off so soon
  25. 2016+ Facelift Lip questions

    Lastly and the most recent Lip I found was a Devsport FRS Lip. Made of ABS plastic sheet which gives you a splitter type look. Unfortunately, the sides again does not meet the edge of the fender but one thing good with Devsport is they have ABS winglets to attach on the sides to give you the flared and flushed look. Devsport: (Photo Credits to Joey Adam's Facelift Lancer) Devsport Winglets:
  26. 2016+ Facelift Lip questions

    I wanted to start up a topic where it touches base with the new facelift front end. In other Lancer pages, it usually gets tons of questions whether which lip will fit the facelift ones. Currently there are a few options on lip choices that can be installed on the new front ends. The most common lip you see is the ever famous Ezlip or AllFit Lip. It is easy to install and its soft structured material makes you easy to mold the shape of the front end. A few flaws that I see here is the sagging/curtain look. The tip to have a flat, splitter type look for these universal lips is to slightly stretch the material while you're working your way on the bumper edges. In cold areas, I would suggest to heat the 3M double adhesive tape first before applying to get the adhesive be very sticky, and of course, pre-clean your surface. Ezlip or AllFit lip: (Photo Credits to Juan Ibarra's Facelift Lancer) Another lip that some people use is the CS2 STI Lip. Solid and you can choose whether you want the flared side or just the straight ones. This lip has mixed reviews when matched with facelift models. Lots of people are also using this lip for pre-2016 models. With this one, I would suggest to use stainless steel screws/bolts and supplement it with 3M double adhesive tape all around for maximum support. A few issues needed to be mentioned here is that some complained of the tight fitment especially for the flared ones. Some used a dremel to trim some edges to obtain their fit of preference. There were also some issues saying that the edge of the flare side does not align to the edge of the fenders , having said this, some wanted to choose the non-flared ones as it's much more easier to align. STI CS2 Lip: (Photo Credits to Angelique Rodriguez's Facelift Lancer) (Photo Credits to Gilbert Salvador's Facelift Lancer) An Australian based Drive Performance Parts had this lip listed as specific to the CF (2016+ Lancer) model. It's made of FRP and it comes unpainted. Easy bolt on as per staff whom I spoke with. Upon doing some additional research, I also have come up with Rainbow Pen's Mugen Lip which looks very similar to what Drive Performance Parts are offering. You be the judge if it's the same. Drive Performance Parts CF Lip: Rainbow Pen's Mugen Lip:
  27. New Member from WA State

    Sweet thank you its been a pain looking for stuff. I shall look at the FB group thank you
  28. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    So....7 weeks is how long the paint lasted on the trim. Went to a wand wash and it and came right off after blasting the general area. Back to stock
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