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  2. My Lancer GT

    Welcome Rok, Nice ride. It is a very different color combo like Mine said but it looks good. Your car stands out a bit because of it.
  3. Injen Short Ram Intake

    Are you disconnecting your battery before you unplug the mass air flow sensor and reconnect to the new SRI?
  4. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    Yeah it settled out. It seemed to help too once I got the rest of the exhaust done for some reason. Mebbe just the extra driving. She sounds pretty mean now. 👌
  5. HELP: Steering problems!? try reading through this here and see if there’s anything that might help. Could be tie rod ends, ball joints, wheel bearings etc. Jack the car up and see if the tires have play from you pushing on them. If so look at tie rods.
  6. Injen Short Ram Intake

    Hello I have bought an Injen SRI a while back and I have asked this before but does anyone know why my check engine light keeps coming on. I don’t have it installed anymore but I want to install it again. But I need help to figure out why it keeps turning on. Do I need to do something specific to it? Something to the engine or fuses or anything. Please help!!!
  7. Yesterday
  8. I visited a spare parts shop and asked their opinion about these brands. The answer I got is that it's difficult to say which brand would offer the stiffer shock absorbers, because that changes from model to model. For one car maybe Excel-G is stiffer than B4 for example, but that's not a rule for all cars. So I guess I will choose one of the major brands, whichever is cheaper...
  9. FB-IMG-1518773435480.jpg

    I like how you blacked it out.
  10. I drive (very rarely. but I do) on dirt roads, so I don't think lowering the car is a good idea. I will contact a spare parts shop and I will ask which of the above brands is considered the stiffer one for Lancer and I will buy that one.
  11. When replacing the battery will my music that is saved in the touch screen mitsubishi nav system be deleted and all my settings along with it? P.S I would love some battery suggestions from a current up to date source if anyone has any experience. I'm still rocking the OEM Panasonic Battery from 2008 (2009 version) lancer
  12. Last week
  13. HELP: Steering problems!?

    Update: February 19th, 2018 So it's been about 6+ months i've been dealing with this issue still. I've taken it to many different dealerships (even got one to replace my front struts/springs) and they still cant come to a conclusion on whats going on with my car. Same for the 3 separate mechanics i've also went to.. I literally dont know what to do now.. - When the right wheel goes over a manhole/bump/groove it turns right suddenly - When the left wheel goes over a manhole/bump/groove it turns left suddenly - When I hit a pothole (not even a big one, just one with an abrupt edge) it shakes the steering wheel very intensely for a second and then everything seems to go back to 'normal' it almost feels like I have no control over the wheels for 1 to 2 seconds. - whenever I go over this bridge transition tracking on my way to work everyday I hear a noise coming from the front. It sounds like its the metal tracking that im driving over moving when I hit it but that stuff is cemented in place so its something on my car. The noise is very hard to describe. Almost like metal tapping something as the wheels meet the transition. - When on a crappy road and I brake it will send my steering left and right until I come to a stop - Whenever im driving downtown Vancouver (for you who live down here) I drive down East Hastings to get to work a lot of the time and that road is very poorly maintained, im not exadurating one bit. It will literally throw me all over my lane left and right, and it is very hard to manage my lane position at times. - When going into a long sweeping corner it will turn very slowly/mushy to the point its cranked and still not turning the best, then it feels if I were to turn it at all a bit more (even though im not turning barely) I would completely oversteer my car into the side of the road. Pretty much there is no sweet spot what so ever. Its just barely turn, or turn where it feels as if your going off the road a moments notice. - Also yesterday it snowed here and just driving in the snow pack in some places it would jack my car left or right depending on the bump. and this happening in the snow is bound to send me into another vehicle at some point. Again if any of you guys have any good ideas on what it could be before I bring it in again aimlessly looking for an answer? So far ive done the following - Wheel alignments (x4) - Rack/Pinion checked (fine as per mechanic) - Tires all at same PSI (cold) 35 - Tires all seem find and are still pretty much brand new - Front shocks/struts replaced - Running 18" bbs Evo X rims - 245/40/18 wheels Any and all ideas/suggestions welcome. It's been to long, i no longer enjoy my daily commutes, I drive my wifes 07 VW whenever I have the option over my car. It kinda defeats the purpose of buying a 2015 Lancer IMO. in other words... HELPPP!
  14. Come here to requests .PDF Files!

    Anything for 2014
  15. I don't have experience with individual shocks for the Lancer, but I've heard good things about KYB as a brand. Also consider the range of travel you want if you are going to add lowering springs
  16. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    Give the ECU some time to figure out the new exhaust flow and it may correct. The O2 sensors are not seeing the same readings they are used to seeing
  17. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    I installed the Supercircuit headers today. They add a nice deeper tone to the exhaust. I still need to get the exhaust redone from the headers back; I've got all the new parts sitting here just need to get it over to the shop when I have time and they have a lift open. I've only driven a few miles to test out the new headers, and one thing I'm noticing is my rpm gauge says that I'm now sitting at 1100 rpm at idle even though it sounds and feels just the same when idling. No pulsing idle, just seems like it's reading high. My usual idle would be 500-600 rpm. Sidenote, if you're doing your own headers get power tools with deepwell sockets. It was a nightmare wrenching everything and trying to squeeze room in for breaker bars.
  18. Car is a Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5L (4A91 engine), model of 2010. No sport shocks are available from the title's manufacturers for it (like Bilstein B6 or KYB AGX), only the following ones: Bilstein B4 KYB Excel-G ZF Group offers 3 brands: SACHS, BOGE and TRW with multiple options each, but I'm not sure about the differences each code has. Monroe Original So which of the above is the most suitable for a sport driving style?
  19. My Lancer GT

    That is really cool, I like how the body panels create that long transition from blue into silver
  20. So I blew my engine, don't ask it's embarrassing, but I have an 08 GTS and the wrecker near me has a 2013 (trim unknown) so if it is a SE or GTS, would the 4b12 bolt over to the 08 which uses the 4b11?
  21. My Lancer GT

    So I don't really like silver cars but the price and condition was right so I said ill deal. Figured Id give me a reason to try my hand at vinyl wrapping. Got stopped by bad weather and it kinda stuck. Now debating finishing of the blue and carbon fiber accent but still toying with the idea. These older pics is as close to showing it all as I can get
  22. FB-IMG-1518773938516.jpg

    Are the interior and door panels stock?
  23. My Lancer GT

    Welcome to PL! I have never seen those panel color combinations before, do you have more shots of the whole car from higher angles, front and rear? Looks intriguing.
  24. Lancer Casper

    Welcome to PL!
  25. My Lancer GT

    Hey guys I finally decided to post instead of just creepin on other peoples work. I have 2012 Lancer GT that I like to mess with. I try to keep it budget friendly and reliable since its my daily.
  26. FB-IMG-1518773896782.jpg

    From the album Lancer 72

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