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  2. Tsudo N1 vs. SRS Axleback exhaust

    Which axleback exhaust is preferred? Which is more aggressive or louder? Links for both exhaust below!
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  4. Hello, so my 09 lancer just recently hit 76,000 and she has given me no problems until recently I hear the cvt tranny make a high pitch metal sheering sound when going between 4,500 and 5,000 rpms. It does it when accelerating through that zone and decelerating as well. I think it may be my battery, but I just want to be sure before replacing it. The battery is oem and has never been replaced. The last time I checked it the CCA were pretty low to the point where the shop told me to replace it, but it still starts without a problem. ( rarely it does have a lag before start up) any idea what it may be? I am a spirited driver as well.
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  6. Mine Progress Thread

    NJ 1, me 0. Looks like I won't be selling these to fund the next setup. On the bright side - I already have wheels on order. 18x9.5 +35 should bring me nicely flush
  7. Plastic shelf behind rear seat rattle

    So far my best solution which I've been using for about 8 months with no issue is clear 1/4 inch tubing pushed between the glass and plastic. I put the link below. I cut it and forced it between them both. Honestly can't even tell and over time it forms to it. Completely took away the awful vibration sound
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  9. hi bro.sorry my english isnt good.

    need to ask u alittle thing about tcm in lancer ecu.

    can we just adjust the table to suit the torque that the engine produce after we b.o.t.can u tell a little about ur lancer project before.tq bro

  10. Nice to be back...

    Thanks! If anyone knows someone who is selling a RIPPMOD supercharger for V6 eclipse, let me know....
  11. New member

    Just do resonator delete and straight pipe if you want for sound. Imo.
  12. Nice to be back...

  13. Nice to be back...

    New project... 06 eclipse gt Changed the stereo, to have Bluetooth Ordered stuff: Lowering kit New tail and head lights Looking for: CF hood RIPPMOD supercharger
  14. New member

    To have a great siunds of muffler.. Deleted cat.can damage of my engine or can be loss a ferformance of the engine Thank u bro..
  15. Plastic shelf behind rear seat rattle

    No you do not and please stop spreading false information. All you have to do in order to remove the rear dash from the back of a 9G Lancer is as follows. 1: Fold down rear seats. 2: Remove three plastic clips behind where the seats sit when folded 3: Pull on both rear pillars in an upward and outward motion but be careful as side curtain air bags sit behind these. The pillars will also dangle from a plastic tether that gives just enough leeway in case of an automobile accident. 4: Pull rear dash toward you. The rear dash should just slide out toward you with a little coercing. But by all means@chelecuche is right by just filling the space in between the plastic and car frame. I've even tried to use a bed foam and that has worked with some effect. I've also found that the covers to the child car seats are one of the big rattles from the rear dash, that and where it touches the rear windscreen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. 613AA87D-846E-4F66-A02D-6CA645768DAC.jpeg

    From the album Winter 2017

    1st wave of snow storm
  17. CEFB4EF3-7A0F-443B-A88B-7D5CED70B516.jpeg

    From the album Winter 2017

    1st wave of snow storm
  18. 7965902C-DAA5-4FFF-86C2-577FF647EDF8.jpeg

    From the album Winter 2017

    1st wave of snow storm
  19. Nice to be back...

  20. New member

    why are you removing the cat anyways?
  21. Nice to be back...

    Welcome back to the Mitsu world. Pics of the '06?
  22. New member

    Thank you bro for ur reply. Can be damage on my engine? pls give me some suggestion...its better to install back the CAT.stock. Regards.
  23. Nice to be back...

    Hi! Long time... No don't have a lancer again... But missed this place... I do have a Mitsu again, now my project is a 2006 eclipse GT. So in a nutshell... Past project...
  24. Hi sir, any updates san po tayo maka bili ng light weight pulley dito sa pinas?
  25. New member

    FYI. I am not an expert. First of all, Philippines does not have a vehicle inspection so you're safe. One point to consider is that somewhere in the cat. converter is an O2 sensor that will throw a code and illuminate your CEL. It will be more of an annoyance than a major problem. Another point is that it is bad for the environment since the cat. converter serves as a filter for carbon monoxide which is a byproduct of engine combustion. Having said this, fumes can possible reach inside the cabin and be a risk to your respiratory system. I am not pretty sure if it's really a big deal on what specific fuel you use if you don't have the cat. converter but some says since you don't have the cat. converter, that might be a foreseeable issue. Thats my 0.02.
  26. New member

    Thank you for accepting admin. By the way my name is Arvin from Philippines province of Cebu city. I have some question about my lancer ex gls I just made a straight pipe with free flow HKS muffler and removed the catalytic. The sound is very great. I need some opinion from our expert member regarding for the catalytic I removed there is no any problem in the engine for the future. Thanks..waiting for replay
  27. Mine Progress Thread

    Not much new lately, probably waiting until spring to install the disc brakes. Picked up a set of coilovers and need to find a shop to weld a flex pipe into my exhaust before installing that. She is close to 100K miles... Sounds like I have a pitted bearing in the tranny, so keeping an eye on that over the next couple of months as that could be a big repair. Changed the tranny fluid this weekend - for those wondering you will need a 24mm wrench or socket to loosen the drain and fill plugs. 2.6 Quarts/2.5L of 75W-80 MTF, I get the fluid from the dealer so I know it's the right stuff.
  28. PAINTED Duck Bill Spoiler Install

    Looks good bro. And I like the interior wrap too
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