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  2. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Very nice.
  3. ChristophrHall Lancer

  4. OOO ouch.

    Yikes. Glad you're okay, cars can be fixed
  5. Sportback GTA (AWD)

    Welcome to PL! Sounds like quite a project. Post some pics when you pick her up!
  6. New member

    Welcome! Show us your ride!
  7. Sepelio - 2017 Lancer ES 5spd

    Welcome to PL!
  8. Yesterday
  9. W/O Turbo - Sight Shield Removed

    Evening, Well plenty of people do it, I'm sure it would allow more air to flow in front of the intake ducting. I just like the looks of a clean engine bay so I'll be opting for either a Ralliart replacement or to just keep my stock one removed. I've been driving for the past few days with it off and have noticed more throttle response in the 2k-3k rpm range. So I'm interested in building that "air slide" or ducting I mentioned.
  10. W/O Turbo - Sight Shield Removed

    what if I cut out those vented slots of the stock Lancer to make it one big square hole?
  11. W/O Turbo - Sight Shield Removed

    Yes. The item with the slots is the one I currently have. Looking at the benefits of switching to a Ralliart Sight Shield (Top). I'm in Minnesota so it cost me 100$ from the dealership.
  12. W/O Turbo - Sight Shield Removed

    Good afternoon, I hope you all are well. Here's my engine as of now. Removed the Sight Shield as stated before. Looking to build a air pathway "slide" from the upper front grille to the entrance of the intake ducting. Only issue is the location of one of the horn directly below the intake ducting behind the upper front grille. Seems like it could be relocated with ease, even if it was just loosened and turned to the right 45'. I believe this would give me enough room to position a "slide" for the air to path upwards toward the intake ducting. I use some type of tubing and brake ducts to path it directly in front of the intake ducting. Should be able to drill a few holes in the black section of the grille mount near the bolt and the otherside to secure a brake ducting line or a "slide" for the air to travel up near the intake ducting. What you think? It would be fun to build and maybe see some improvements to airflow into the system. Thanks for reading I'll see about an update once my Ralliart intake ducting arrives. Sincerely, Sepelio
  13. W/O Turbo - Sight Shield Removed

    The RA radiator cover is the one above right? so the holes are bigger comparing to the vent like slots for the Lancer. Do you think it is also a factor in bringing air in? How much did you get for the RA inlet duct?
  14. Ls3 swap

    There's an Evo in Alberta with some kind of V8 swap. I'm not sure if it an LS or not.
  15. W/O Turbo - Sight Shield Removed

    Hello, Just got back from another drive (17m @ 55mph), while I was driving I decided to check the response from 2k-3k. Seemed like I was accelerating alittle faster nothing to dramatic but alittle bit more torque (figured I'd notice that over horsepower). I should be getting the Ralliart Intake Ducting in the next few days. Will update my build thread with pictures of the removal of the Sight Shield and install of the Ralliart Intake Ducting. Sincerely, Sepelio
  16. Last week
  17. Hello, Took off my Sight Shield (Part# 6400A831 ) today to do a little research. Was looking for more air flow into the intake ducting. I noticed a lot of people cutting holes into their sight shield to provide the increase. I decided to just take mine off. It may just be wishful thinking but, I felt as if I lost throttle response for the first drive (17m @ 55mph), then ate a Double Stack from Wendy's (trigger), got back into the car and drove back home and since then I believe I have better throttle response from 3k-4k. I'm aware that when MIVEC starts to increase dramatically but seen as I'm still under 5k miles. I don't like to push it to 6k just yet. I figured I'd post my research and leave it opento discussion. Considering buying a Ralliart Sight Shield (Part# 6400C085 ), to keep a clean/stock looking engine bay. Thanks for any input you'll share. Sincerely, Sepelio
  18. My Lancer Race Toy

    Congrats!!! Keep it up
  19. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Very nice. +1 Automatic?
  20. My Lancer Race Toy

    So, the next round I did take the first place. In general the car felt good but the stock RA wastegate started acting up again limiting the boost to 0.6 bar (stuck open) I did also quite some autobahn kilometers recently and decided I need to change the alignment, namely fix the toe out and reduce the front camber a little as the car is trying to kill me on wet asphalt although on dry asphalt I am racing BMW M3's and Porsches with 240-260 kmh and I am getting them in the corners
  21. Jhadzei Progress Thread

    Been trying to find a flat front splitter like this.. where can I find this?
  22. IMG_0945.JPG

    Looks GOOD!
  23. Sepelio

    Hello, Hope you all are well today. Figured I'd start my project page today. I currently own a 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 5Spd. It's going to be daily driven so going for a N/A build, mostly focusing on air flow through and around the car. Doubt I'll go with a lightweight flywheel or pulley (pulley could happen if feel like the increase in output outweighs the loss in stability. Here he is stock with side wind deflectors. Sitting @ stock heigth, I'm considering H&R Sport Springs. I was advised about the damage that can be dealt to the struts so I'm searching for performance struts in the meantime (any suggestions). Just ordered a Ralliart Intake Ducting (Part# 1505A305 ). Should be here in a few days. Next update will include a pictorial review of the install. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy the projects unfolding. Sincerely, Sepelio
  24. New Members Are You Looking For A Tune?

    Please message us here
  25. Ls3 swap

    90% sure they don't make ls3 engine mounts for the lancer. As everyone else has stated its going to cost alot of money. But I won't discourage you, if you have that kind of money to spend(which is going to be a ton) I'd say do it, cause I think you would be the first one to actually do it. If you decide to go through with keep us posted because that would be a mad build in more ways than one.
  26. My red baby

    here it is at night
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