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  2. Project Crowd Control

    Looks good!
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  4. Summer Close Out Sale !!!! *** Forum Members Only *** Duraflex Evo X Look Body Kit - 12 PieceNormal Retail Price - $1408.44Summer Close Out - Special Forum Member Pricing - $985.90 + shipping & tax! Parts can be sold separately Call or Message for more info! 2008-2017 Mitsubishi Lancer Duraflex Evo X Look Body Kit - 12 Piece - Includes - Evo X Look Front Bumper Cover (106953) Evo X Look Side Skirts Rocker Panels (106954) Evo X Look Rear Bumper Cover (106955) Evo X Look Front Fenders (106956) Evo X Look Rear Fenders (106957) Evo X Look Rear Wing Trunk Lid Spoiler (106959) Evo X Look Plate Frame (106960) Fits the following models: Sedan, Base, GT, ES, SE, Ralliart
  5. Project Crowd Control

    So I know I haven't been as active recently, mainly because I got a new job. But I am trying to stay active. I haven't done much, but I have done a few things. I removed the Mach1 vinyls that were on the hood, and the hood looks a 100x better. I also got the correct headlights for it. Other than that, nothing much has changed.
  6. HELP: Steering problems!?

    Hey guys thanks a ton for your replies. I havent been able to diagnose it yet as im renovating my house, and unable to get the car in yet. Im going to be bringing it in to a suspension shop, get them to take a look at everything and will keep you guys posted soon. Thanks again!
  7. Removing rev limited

    Sounds like a nice setup. I understand the desire to be rid of the rev limiter, sometimes when I'm really getting on it the limiter kicks in right before I shift - not expecting more power above it, just trying to use all it's got on the way up to it
  8. New Member

    Welcome! Great car to learn on, great community to learn from
  9. My mostly stock 2009 GTS

    20 forum posts
  10. Andy's RA

    Fair enough, insurance is helpful that way. If only they would pay for upgrades to fix
  11. 2013 Lancer Gt Apex Silver Build

    Evening, Very nice! What's next? Sincerely, Sepelio
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  13. My mostly stock 2009 GTS

    Evening, You have to meet the requirements. Sincerely, Sepelio
  14. My mostly stock 2009 GTS

    It says I do not have permission.
  15. New Member

  16. Hello, my name is kevin. I have a 2009 Lancer and am attempting to perform my own color change mod on the interior (Dash, MFD, Hvac etc.) Bottom line, i am trying to get rid of the stock red lighting and I've seen you had much success with that. Would it be possible to get your notes/pictures on this project. This is my first time attempting something on this scale, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you!





  17. Removing rev limited

    Even with evo cams, valve springs, and turbo, the engines power output drops at 7K rpm. However the stock rev limiter is 6750, and with build engine you will be restricted to shifting around 6500... on the other hand if you engine and transmission is upgraded... well you would also have had a tune and the rev limiter is already adjusted. In other words, you never really start with the rev limiter I personally have Evo cams, BC valve springs, td04 turbo, boost control with grimmspeed 3port thus a stable 1 bar to 7k rpm with the 1.8 displacement, and light weight flywheel (important to mention as rpm really sky rocket at lower gears) and I tune myself for myself. My rpm limit is around 7500 rpm and I shift on the track around 7000 rpm. And the car makes roughly 300pk on the crank at 7000, or around 250whp on dyno.
  18. My mostly stock 2009 GTS

    Good afternoon, Heres a link to the page. Follow the instructions and make sure to vote after the 25th! Sincerely, Sepelio
  19. New Member

    Welcome to PL man!
  20. My mostly stock 2009 GTS

    Thanks, will do! What is ROTM?
  21. New Member

    Hey guys, just picked up a 2009 Lancer GTS with 66k on the body and 11k on the engine. Interested in learning about the cars, I diy as much as I can and pay a mechanic only if I know I'll mess up. Currently have a random LOUD exhaust kit from previous owner installed and "custom" spectre air intake parts.
  22. My mostly stock 2009 GTS

    Good evening, Welcome to PL. Make sure to introduce yourself in the new members thread and start a build page. Look forward to voting for you in ROTM! Sincerely, Sepelio
  23. Removing rev limited

    Good afternoon, Thanks for the clarification. Was looking at the safest tune available. Still on the fence about who to go through. I like the idea of your custom etune but want to keep certain safety features intact. Sincerely, Sepelio
  24. Removing rev limited

    A reflash can remove any rev or speed limiters. That being said it's rather pointless as the 4b11 and 4b12 start to lose efficiency after 6800-7000RPM even with cams. We've tuned many. If this is something you really want, we can do if for you, however.
  25. Removing rev limited

    Good morning, I just want it so it doesn't kill my fuel if I miss a redline. No reason to expect any power up there without stage 2-3 camshafts, increased intake manifold volume? Sincerely, Sepelio
  26. Removing rev limited

    Tbh, there is no reason to remove your rev limiter unless you are completely built. Anything above 7300 rpm you lose power due to the way the engine produces power. But if you really want to get rid of it, then get a tactrix cable, open ecu and the the definition/ROM for you car and set the Rev limiter to whatever you would like. The option will be located in the ecu options of your ROM. Sent from my SM-G935U using Tapatalk
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