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  2. My Lancer Race Toy

    So, the next round I did take the first place. In general the car felt good but the stock RA wastegate started acting up again limiting the boost to 0.6 bar (stuck open) I did also quite some autobahn kilometers recently and decided I need to change the alignment, namely fix the toe out and reduce the front camber a little as the car is trying to kill me on wet asphalt although on dry asphalt I am racing BMW M3's and Porsches with 240-260 kmh and I am getting them in the corners
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  4. Jhadzei Progress Thread

  5. Jhadzei Progress Thread

    Been trying to find a flat front splitter like this.. where can I find this?
  6. IMG_0945.JPG

    Looks GOOD!
  7. Sepelio

    Hello, Hope you all are well today. Figured I'd start my project page today. I currently own a 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 5Spd. It's going to be daily driven so going for a N/A build, mostly focusing on air flow through and around the car. Doubt I'll go with a lightweight flywheel or pulley (pulley could happen if feel like the increase in output outweighs the loss in stability. Here he is stock with side wind deflectors. Sitting @ stock heigth, I'm considering H&R Sport Springs. I was advised about the damage that can be dealt to the struts so I'm searching for performance struts in the meantime (any suggestions). Just ordered a Ralliart Intake Ducting (Part# 1505A305 ). Should be here in a few days. Next update will include a pictorial review of the install. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy the projects unfolding. Sincerely, Sepelio
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  9. New Members Are You Looking For A Tune?

    Please message us here
  10. Ls3 swap

    90% sure they don't make ls3 engine mounts for the lancer. As everyone else has stated its going to cost alot of money. But I won't discourage you, if you have that kind of money to spend(which is going to be a ton) I'd say do it, cause I think you would be the first one to actually do it. If you decide to go through with keep us posted because that would be a mad build in more ways than one.
  11. My red baby

    here it is at night
  12. My red baby

    Yes they are trying to thread the wires through the tubes were a bitch though but i got em installed. will post pics later
  13. hood installed, lip installed, detail done!

    Yes I do. I have the k&n drop in and still on a search of this ralliart inlet duct to pair with. I have noticed some minor but remarkable changes when I switched to the k&n filter.
  14. hood installed, lip installed, detail done!

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have already talked to a dealship here in MN and they said $101.xx Should be getting in the next week or two. Just moved so I'm dealing with those matters at the moment. Does your '16 have a after market air filter? I'm thinking Works might be my best option. Had a K&N in my '14 and didn't do well with the dust in North Dakota. Sincerely, Sepelio
  15. IMG_0943.JPG

    Hello, Are those RallyArmors unmoddified? They look really flush compared to others I've seen. Sincerely, Sepelio
  16. New Members Are You Looking For A Tune?

    Rick, We briefly touched base with this topic on LancerNation (FB) and I was just wondering if you guys re-flash the ECU back to stock if she gets a trip to the dealership to maintain the warranty? My knowledge on ECU Tune is very limited and you mentioned something about an e-tune since we are miles apart.
  17. hood installed, lip installed, detail done!

    i don't think so. The scoop is much more deviated to the center rather than the airbox position. I might be wrong with that but if you wanted more airflow directed to your airbox, why not get a Ralliart Inlet duct. It's much bigger than stock Lancers.
  18. IMG-0942.JPG

    This is some sexy shit, what model?
  19. IMG_0949.JPG

    From the album My buddy

  20. IMG_0945.JPG

    From the album My buddy

  21. IMG_0944.JPG

    From the album My buddy

  22. IMG_0943.JPG

    From the album My buddy

  23. IMG-0942.JPG

    From the album My buddy

  24. P0420 Code bad cat or o2

    Do not waste money or time on the o2 the problem is the catalytic
  25. Lancer gt universal muffler

    eBay you have several options muffler
  26. Ls3 swap

    I would advise the same thing. You will not find a kit or really any parts off the shelf that will make this work. Everything from engine mounts to drive shafts will need to be custom. Not to discourage you from a project that could be cool, but making sure you are realistic about what you're getting into. If you do decide to continue, please keep the forum updated though!
  27. hood installed, lip installed, detail done!

    You think there would be enough room to redirect the air flow to path to the air box location?
  28. Lancer gt universal muffler

    There's lots in the market bro. It all really depends on your budget. In my opinion, I'd go for Injen just because I have one on mine but brands like Greddy , Borla and Magnaflow are also good.
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