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How To: Paint Your Gas Door

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Greetings guys.

Time for another "great" tutorial by JukEboX. (I say "great" because I don't know how there are really helping people.

BACKSTORY (Skip if you want).

I bought the car with a beautiful real aluminum with silver bolts on the outer ring of the gas door. It was originally the brush aluminum look but after years of wear it has started to lose it's luster when it got to me. I am glad it is the real aluminum and silver bolts instead of those faux ones that are chrome plastic that you just slap on your door. After painting my rims it didn't look good on the car so I figured it was time to clean it up. So this weekend I said enough was enough and I got to work after deciding on my design.


  • Paint or dip of your choice
  • Primer
  • Clear coat
  • A pencil
  • Some printer paper
  • A Xacto knife
  • Some blue painters tape

DIFFICULTY: 3 (Only because of some tough cutting)

TIME NEEDED: A few hours for drying time so probably want to take a day for coats and drying.

Here is what we are starting with!

Before The Redo

Let's Begin!

STEP 1: Remove the old door and outer ring from the car. Make sure to remove all the bolts as well as the plastic stoppers which prevent the door from banging when you close it. Also remove the outer rings's rubber ring and the plastic tabs and spring at the door hinge which help the door pop open.

Best to put them in a plastic bag so you don't lose them. Be careful with the 2 plastic stoppers as they can be fragile so a pair of pliers would be best.

STEP 2: Sand down both pieces.

This will allow the primer something to hold on to.

STEP 3: Put a good coat or 2 of primer on the 2 pieces.

Make sure they are even and give them about an hour or 2 to dry depending on the weather and air conditions.


STEP 4: Start painting the outer ring.

Give the outer ring a first coat. In between other steps add 2 or so coats to paint looks even and is strong. That is up to you.

Black Paint

STEP 5: Take the door inside. Place a piece of printer paper over the "LANCER" lettering and take a pencil and with the side of the pencil run it over the letters. This should create an etching.

You might remember doing this in elementary school with leaves.

Used For Cut Out

STEP 6: Take the door back outside and give it a base coat.

This will help start the painting processes and you can give it some time to dry.

First Coat

STEP 7: Go back inside to the paper. Put a piece of blue painters tape a cut resistant block or cutting table. Put the paper over the tape and use the Xacto knife to cut out the letters.

Be sure to hold on to the cut out letters and the cut blue tape as well as the stencil you just made for painting the letters.

Cut Out

Letters Cut Out

STEP 8: Take the cut blue pieces of paper or tape and fill the "LANCER" letters on the middle bar of the door. Take another piece of printer paper and put that over the letters. Tape over the entire center bar and paint the circle section.

This will give the door a 2 tone look and will make it look really cool.

Cover Leters

For mine I am using a ColorShift because it matches the car at the right angle.

First Look

STEP 9: Once it is completely dry tape off the circle. Take the tape and paper off the center bar. Remove the cut out letters. Take the stencil you made earlier and line it up over the "LANCER" letters. Tape it down to the door and paint the letters with the color you want.

The "R" maybe hard because it has no intersecting line for a very small piece of painters tape should do the trick here. Also the inner lines of the "E" and the one line to the center of the "A" may also be tricky.

Cover Circle

STEP 10: At this point take some clear coat and give both pieces a few coats to protect the paint.
Here is mine after some clear coat doing a dry run back on the car.

Dry Run

STEP 11: Let all parts dry and place back on the car.
Be sure to be careful you place all bolts and plastic parts back in their place and not to scratch the paint when putting the door back onto the outer ring.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and as always FEEDBACK is always welcome. If you have done this a better way feel free to let me know. Also let me know if this helped you out.

See you next time :)


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That looks awesome. If I didn't have graphite grey, I'd do this to mine.


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Thanks. If you have an accent color you can use that for the 2 tone and it should come out ok.


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My wheels are already black. I like the way the brushed aluminum looks on mine.


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