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Gumball Meet 2014

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Sup guys!

So I went to Gumball Meet 2014 and I did some work for (besides wearing the shirt) and took some pictures. Some of these came out awesome and would be awesome for wallpapers for your computer or posters. If you want any prints or anything please let me know I will get back at you with a price. Part of proceeds will go direct to KDMShark for helping in up keep of the site.

I setup a cruise up there and had about 6 or 7 lancers and a bunch of other bad ass cars. Hope you enjoy and see some familiar faces.

Meeting Time

Meet Filling

New Hampshire

That Blue


The Line Up

Glenn Quagmire's Machine

Glenn Quagmire - That Bay

Glenn Quagmire - That Stance

Glenn Quagmire - OMG BRO

Glenn Quagmire - What Trunk?

Glenn Quagmire - The Fuzz

Glenn Quagmire - That Headliner

Clean Culture

The Beast

Great Look

That Splitter Too

The 8

Clean Culture Showing Off

Clean Culture Set Up

The Meet Crew

That Purp


Great Look

Wicked White

Zero Fucks


Dat Ass


Row 1

Row 2

His And Hers


So Clean

So Clean

So Sick

Those Clean White Rims

And That Stance

Look Me In The Eye


Those Rims Though

The VIP Section

That Color


The 9

8 Track


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I also did some work for my new group I made last week called CT Lancers. Please like and follow. I could really use the help blowing this up.

Click the picture for all there rest of the pictures



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dam dude nice shots def sick ass meet. that blue evo though :shock:


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