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Passenger Seat Belt Anchor (Aftermarket Seat)

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Hey guys,

Apologize if this has been posted elsewhere before, but I searched through pages and didn't find anything about it.

So, I was naive and assumed that since there were aftermarket seats and brackets, one could just simply replace the stock seats and brackets. I got the seats put together today and took out the passenger side seat and only just found out then that the seat belt anchor is attached directly onto the stock seat's bracket. The driver seat's belt anchor is bolted directly to the side of the interior, so that's not a problem, and I can find someone to help with the wiring/fault codes. But what have you guys who installed aftermarket seats done with the seat belt anchor to get the passenger side seat installed?

I have a 2008 GTS and the seats I have are Cipher CPA2001's with Planted brackets.

Appreciate any help/advice!


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