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Hi, I'm clearly a newly registered member of this forum. For some reason, I like to lurk un-registered on this and other lancer/evo/DSM/3s forums to gather information, but I think now it's actually time for me to write myself.

Now, I am in love with the Sportback GTS, for its design, and the fact that its manual. I am finally picking mine up soon(ish) and I have questions, and some statements.

Yes, I know the first answer people jump to, which is go buy a GSR, or its going to be expensive, but that is not at all answering the question, nor delving into the science of actually embarking in this project. 

I am a automotive student and enthusiast, and the car I will end up getting, will be around theoretically forever. I plan to buy it, maybe do some things cosmetically, while I stock up the parts for an appropriate AWD swap. Since the Sportback never came AWD aside from the ralliart that is not manual, I intend to do it, and back it up with decent power. 

From what I understand, the GTS and R///A are closer together as far as swap-able, parts, aside from some things from the evo X like the transmission, which I also know has its own computer as well. 

So basic parts I will need:

*R///A Front & Rear sub-frame
*R///A Driveshaft
*R///A Axles, sways etc.
*EVO X trans & TC

and I'm clearly missing more.

Along with this, hopefully at the same time I intend to make a full evo out of it.
(Yes that means 4b11T swap as well, along with drivetrain parts)

Yes I know, parts will be expensive, but is there anyone with insight what I am missing, or know anyone who has done it, or had been successful? Is there any fabrication needed? I didn't see any was far as I've seen, or even read. I cannot find anything with the countless hours of lurk research.

Also, Thanks for reading, and hopefully not telling my to bite it and get an EVO. It isn't what I want, and my car will be my money pit.


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Welcome to PL! Sounds like quite a project. Post some pics when you pick her up!


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