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exhaust problems

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ahh another exhaust question on a car forum, what a classic

I bought a 2011 mitsubishi lancer gt (2.4L, 5 speed manual) from a crash auction (it was just hail damage, saved me some money), and I have fixed the car up, the only problem with the car is the exhaust. It's a magnaflow but I have no idea which model, just know it has a lovely tip and axleback. Anyway the problem is that my exhaust literally sounds like a blender on high, like a very small child with a high voice kind of exhaust. Almost sounds like its just air going through it, very strange sound. It doesn't sound like a loud fart cannon, i've personally never heard of an exhaust sound like this, neither have any of my friends. The thing is I don't wanna get a new exhaust and throw away the magnaflow (don't wanna sell due to rust on it, as the car came from colorado, which also explains the hail damage), I simply want to deepen and improve the exhaust note. The thing I was thinking of was adding a cold-air intake, or maybe unequal length headers? Will this help deepen my tone or transform me into a fart box civic boy? Has anybody had any trouble with their Magnaflow exhaust sounding like this?

relatively new into the car scene, and just looking for helpful suggestions


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