Lancer GTS 08 in the streets of the Dominican Republic

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Hello people!

As the title states I have a black gts 08 walking around in this beautiful country, i got it almost 3 months ago and so far i love it, since I am living in a city where the Sonata´s, k5´s, Civic´s and Corolla´s are all the people see, when they see this debadged black lancer, they dont really know at what they are looking at, i have get a lot of compliments and after that a lot of questions, starting with ¨What brand is that car¨, ¨Nice car!¨ its reallly funny for me. Anyway about the mods when i first got it, it was missing the passenger front lip and the side skirts, so i bought all them on ebay, here is very hard to find, after that i got the window visors and plastidipped the front grill, only with that its looking really nice (As all +08 lancers do).

This month I will be getting an intake, Trottle body, an axle back and hopefully upgrading part of the exhaust to 2.5¨, with all those mods i hope i can get this boy to growl and perform a little bit better. Any advice for the car is really welcome, thanks in advance good people of PL.




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Welcome!  More pics?


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