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Hi there,

So I'm thinking of installing an additional cooler to my Lancer 08 DE, because it doesn't have and I'm getting SLOW DOWN alarms when pushing the car over 140km/h. 

So far so read, I found that because I don't have a factory cooler my CVT oil cooler/warmer has only 2 fittings instead of four. Here is the source where I found this:

Now I have to change my two fitting cooler/warmer (part number 2920A017):

with a one that has four fittings (part number 2920A141) like this one:

Along with installing of those coolers I'll change the CVT fluid as of course this maybe the main heating problem. But in order to be 100% sure that the problem is solved I'll also apply those coolers.

My question is does anyone done this already and please share opinions, as I'm not aware if this a simple switch/change of oil cooler/warmers. Is there a possibility my transmission to be different then the one for example in GTS where the cooler and the warmer with 4 fittings are factory installed?

Here is a post where a guy change/switch those warmers, but its for ES and main is DE:


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This may help:

Also, make sure you are keeping up with tranny fluid changes, often when these cars go over on the 30K mile service interval they start to get CVT issues, sometimes failure.  The CVT's are touchy if they don't get the proper maintenance.


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