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      Hello all the name is mister or EL (first 2 letters of my name.) and I'm rolling in a 08 Lancer GTS and I love my car. I'm from Chicago too! Where my Chicago Lancer bros at? I joined this site seeking information as well as guidance and it definitely looks like I can find what I'm looking for here.
    • Poor fuel economy (08 GTS, Manual) (nvm)
      Ya I was looking into getting a short ram, maybe the DC Sports one since it's pretty cheap. Now with the crack fixed I find it unnervingly quiet... Still wishing for better numbers.
    • How To: Install Evo X Fuel Pump
      Yea I hear you on that one for sure. I just want to get it boosted with no check engine lights and have it be reliable at around 260 at the wheels and I'll be happy with that, then I'll stop putting performance money into her. This was my first real "project" car so it is/was more of a learning experience. I'll post a new thread with all the pictures I took during the process. I kept good records of exactly how I did everything and what parts I used and how much they cost to share with the community. I have all the turbo parts now in but I think I'm missing 1 part. so the ralliart td04 has a 9psi wastegate. I want to run 7-8 at first. What kind of boost control or solenoid do you think I need. This is the area of boosting I don't know. Do I even need one and if so next problem is I'm using the ralliart turbo which normally uses 1 solenoid and a evo x rom which uses 2 solenoids. Do you know what I should do? I found a aftermarket direct plug and play solenoid for the evo x but not sure how to approach this one. I know I can wire them into the ecu open pins. I read a few threads but found somewhat bland or conflicting info other than the pin #'s on the ecu.
    • Uk Lancer Sportback
      hey there Nick_m Were you able to get 225hp without a new hybrid turbo? Im hoping to get more power without huge mechanical mods.  I have just bought myself a mitsubishi lancer sports back here in New Zealand and its the only one really difficult to get parts and work done to it. I have done a few mods but am looking to get the bonnet and bumper from and evo x, I have just bought a race chip from germany and hoping to see some good results get some more power your car looks mint man.  
      yes. A mutlimeter is definitely ideal. However if your having problems with specifically the radio, the short is likely to be in there. To put it simple, all the parts that light up are connected to the dimmer switch but not to each other. It's possible for one part to fail due to a short. Test that ribbon cable as well. I would say that it is likely the culprit
    • Having Fun With My Car
      Who's making the custom job?