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    • Demon eyes
      Just installed mine ... They look great!!!
    • Need advice on boosting a 13 es
      Well y'all know I have a 2013 es. I came to the conclusion that I wanna boost it. The cheap way till I get up some money to actually do it the right way can y'all help me out?????  Its a 2.0 if y'all were wondering??  
    • Tail light works but 1 brake light doesn't.
      sounds like the brake light is bad.  You can try replacing the lamp and see if that does the trick.  The lamp type should be listed in the manual but the lamp should also have the type stamped on it somewhere.   Access to the outer set of lights:   Inside the trunk there are 2 black plastic screw caps on each side, one on the rear inside of the vehicle and one on the top of the inside of the trunk.  Unscrew these on whatever side is having trouble.  There are 2 more along the bottom of the plastic piece that spans the trunk opening - unscrew these, then pull the black piece straight up and off.  Peel back the liner on the problem side to access the back of the fixture and replace the lamp. OR Open the trunk and just remove the fixture housing from the body of the vehicle, if I remember correctly its just the two visible bolts (need a 10mm socket).   Access to the inner set of lights: There are 6 or 8 pop-clips holding the liner onto the lid of the trunk.  Remove these to gain access to those fixtures.
    • Mine Progress Thread
      Thanks bro.  Once I get settled into my new place in a couple of weeks I'll have the time to start assembling those custom tails I started way back when...
    • New to Project Lancer
      Welcome!  Post some pics of your ride!
    • Buzzard took off my mirror!
      Thanks for the tip, I think I found one in Maryland someone's got off a scrapped car for $75!