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    • Tire size question
      I ran 225 40 18 on 18x8 +35 that rubbed on eibach springs with people in the rear. Switching to 18x7.5 +45 on 225 45 18 i had no issues even on coils, at this point i was already rolled from the previous setup but i would have been fine without a roll. Now I'm on 17x7.5 +40 with 225 50 17, no issues on swift springs and my rears are not rolled (ralliart) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Tire size question
      I was trying to help you.... I've had four different wheel set ups with three different tire sizes on a stock suspension, eibach lowered, bc coil lowered and swift spring lowered... You need tire size, wheel width and offset to figure out if you will need to roll. At stock height you shouldn't need a roll with 225 tires and 7.5" wide wheels unless the offset is ridiculously low Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Imagine To My Surprise...
      If you're installing an aftermarket stereo with a separate steering wheel control module, then there is no reason for the steering wheel controls not to work, as it will be the controller. I know that the Pac SWI-RC and Axxess modules can be programmed manually to map what ever buttons you want where. This is as long as your new stereo supports those features and you have enough buttons to map to. Voice commands is a different beast and the aftermarket stereo needs to support them as part of its own blue tooth interface.
    • Purrfect's 2015 Evo Mr
      Looks like the tires are stock Advan A13c's. Cost about $400 new per tire, and only last about 10k miles. They are ultra high performance Summer tires that are horrible in winter/cold weather. So bad that new Evo X's come with a warning sticker.  
    • Uk Model 2008 Lancer 1.8 - Car Profile And Progress Log
      Nope, not tried replacing the whole sensor yet. Light is off at the moment and car is running fine, temperamental though.
    • Tire size question
      I needed the roll because the wheels are pretty wide and actually come out flush to the outside of the wheel well. You should more than likely be easily able to drive with that setup. **also 100% stock in susp dept.