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  1. Front mesh grill

    Ok cool thanks man I appreciate that!
  2. Front mesh grill

    Looking for one of those front mesh grills that doesn't have the Mitsubishi logo on it. Saw a couple on eBay but they seem pretty overpriced. Anyone have any leads?
  3. Trunk swap

    Anyone in Winninpeg with a black lancer want to trunk swap for a trunk with spoiler? I want one without, I have a 2015 lancer SE limited edition.
  4. Evo style license plate holder

    Ok cool, I'm going to check my dealership first then go from there
  5. Evo style license plate holder

    @LukePilot152thanks for the advice, how much do you guys charge for the side mount license plate holder and hardware? And do you ship to Canada?
  6. Evo style license plate holder

    @manokok cool ya I was thinking of looking at my dealership
  7. Evo style license plate holder

    Hey guys I'm looking to put an Evo style license plate holder on my 2015 lancer SE limited edition, any suggestions where I should look to buy one and also any tips or concerns about installation?