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  1. oil leak

    My GTS was having the same issue but it was a very very small leak from the drain. If you ended up getting the new oil pan i recommend getting a Fumoto drain so you wont need to threading again
  2. 20170222-170915.jpg

    From the album 2016 WRX

  3. oil leak

    The PTFE tape probably wouldn't have stopped the leaking as it's more of a lubricant type thing. Are you cleaning the drain and bolt before putting it back on?
  4. Thank you PL.

    I definitely will. Thank you! Hahaha of course not! The second i got in the driver seat for the test drive i knew how much trouble I got myself in, really great car
  5. Thank you PL.

    Thank you for all the knowledge and help, this is a great community and I'm glad to have been part of it for the short time i was here. Today i traded my 2011 Lancer GTS up to a 2016 WRX, it was something i thought about for a while now and finally jumped on an opportunity. I'll definitely swing by now and then to see how everyone is. I really appreciate all of you for sharing.
  6. Very slow oil leak from drain plug!

    I'll definitely swing by mine and grab a couple, hopefully that's the problem
  7. So after doing oil changes, maybe a week or two after I get a slight leak from the plug. I haven't tightened it too much so I don't think I stripped it. I do clean the drain and plug with some shop towels. I am planning on switching the plug with a Fumoco but I don't want it to still leak, is there some kind of gasket or washer I could place without having to get a helicoil or something?
  8. The retainers are all there but I guess age did its number lol
  9. Keegan's 2010 Gts

    That headlight wrap is really nice! I attempted to do them on my own also but i had a horrible time
  10. How to change my transmission fluid?

    Did you use a pump to get the fresh oil in? I haven't looked to see where the filler is just yet. I'm kinda having a little trouble finding oil that's not online, everything in store around me is 75w90
  11. I'm having trouble finding stuff on this, especially for a manual. Could anyone help me out?
  12. Shift knobs recommendations?

    As long as you like it haha. I do have a question about the size of the thread though, I found a universal mishimoto knob that comes with 3 adapters. 8x1.25, 10x1.5, 12x1.25 None of those would fit right?
  13. Shift knobs recommendations?

    I'll see into the rod for sure, I might just cut a piece of wood and see how that feels
  14. Shift knobs recommendations?

    I need some opinions, I prefer a ball knob opposed to a rod but I've never had one so some input would be nice. The OEM knob I have is jacked up, when it's tightened all the way it's not even facing the correct way and it's really weird trying to shift into 3rd
  15. 2011 Tarmac Black Es In Ohio

    How do you like the HIRs?