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  1. 2012 ralliart

    You say on your profile you drive an es the obvious thing would be the turbo setup
  2. Nice man, you could just get your car fully wrapped instead of having it painted
  3. Broke cig port?

    Yea me too
  4. Broke cig port?

    Hey guys so just got home and my phone mount that connect to the cig lighter port came loose(as in really getting in the way of shifter, probably due to weight), so i pulled it out and the silver inner part of the port came out. I pushed it back in and now its not getting any power. Any ideas on how to regain power and/or is it going to be hella costly?
  5. Broke cig port?

    UPDATE: So new port came in and didn't fit also didn't have right connector, good news is the old port just got unplugged. Bad news, I'm out $5
  6. Pre-purchase questions

    Just like my old JROTC instructor, his second wife is his car.(though for my instructor it was his truck)
  7. Broke cig port?

  8. Broke cig port?

    Ok thanks but I never popped out my center console before so I don't know how to pop it out. I also probably wont replace it till spring cause i live in Illinois and its hella cold this winter. But thanks for the link man. I assume this fits fine with the 2014 model?
  9. I Want Some Unbiased Opinions!!

    I ain't trading in or selling my lancer unless its to the junkyard when she gets into a major wreck. I personally am not worried about resale value. Sure there are other cars that have more features and better mpg and all that other jazz and thats fine. But my lancer is my baby, my money pit, and she will only leave when she is totaled. Just need to save some money so I can get her wrapped.
  10. Broke cig port?

    Yea i replaced the fuse that didnt work. So its the cig port itself.
  11. Broke cig port?

    Ok Ill do that tomorrow then. Just wanted to make sure because half of the inner silver part came out of the cig port. So I just wasn't sure if it was a fuse that blew because that part came out or what.
  12. Broke cig port?

  13. Had an accident

  14. Had an accident

    Glad your ok. People can say what they want about the lancer and its mpg and all that jazz. Fact is its still a pretty great car. Any ideas for your new ride? Also hope you can salvage some stuff from it.
  15. New Member In Arizona!!

    Welcome! I'm a total noob when it comes to cars but as long as I've been here on these forums there aren't a lot of people that say "Oh just buy an Evo." I have the same car model and year car so I can sympathize. With the CVT however you won't get big performance numbers but people here have done it, all it comes down to is how much you love the car to drop down that much money for it. I'm currently trying to save up some $$ to get mine wrapped.
  16. Bumper bar cover?

    Ok thanks this has been very insightful. I mean I guess I can leave it uncut but that'll look pretty bad. I'll just have it wrapped black when I eventually get the funds to get her wrapped.
  17. Bumper bar cover?

    So I saw these and was wondering if they are worth it? Like how easy is the install and will it fit a 2014 es just fine?
  18. IMG_3110.JPG

    For some reason I kinda like it, though the hood needs to be fixed. But still that really f**king sucks man.
  19. Bumper bar cover?

    Cur? Sorry I'm a total noob at the mechanical side of things. Is it attached with like double sided tape or screws? I'd really like to know before i drop the $130 for it. Because I'd also get the side plate mount for my lancer. Since I'm still paying her off money is a little tight($45 a week with $130 insurance + staying alive costs).
  20. My red baby

    Still need to take her to the dealership for tpms
  21. My red baby

    Got her back from the shop after the put the gts spoiler and replaced a stud that broke when my pops and me tried to change the wheels.
  22. New Member From Vancouver! (with a question)

    Aye welcome. I own an ES but I'm in the same mentality its not an evo but it is something(08+ lancer is one of the best looking cars it its category imo). As for 2016 parts I'm not entirely sure but I think some parts are not compatible what those parts are I can not tell you. But still welcome.
  23. Those are nice but I'm leaning more towards these. Though these also have 0 reviews. Though they are from the same seller, I'd like to know more about em as well.