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  1. Trying an engine swap...

    All non RA/Evo lancers are FWD with later models having AWD. Though some have done RWD conversions with their Evos.
  2. Trying an engine swap...

    I ain't no mechanic but I'll throw in my 2 cents. If you're really serious about swapping an evo engine I think you'd also have to do an AWD conversion as well. Which unless you plan on doing everything yourself its cheaper just to get an evo. Also anything is possible so long as you have the money to fuel a project.
  3. Mighty Blue Lancer

    Nice man I thought about getting those headlights whenever I got the money. I just spent $271 on these tail lights
  4. Ls3 swap

    90% sure they don't make ls3 engine mounts for the lancer. As everyone else has stated its going to cost alot of money. But I won't discourage you, if you have that kind of money to spend(which is going to be a ton) I'd say do it, cause I think you would be the first one to actually do it. If you decide to go through with keep us posted because that would be a mad build in more ways than one.
  5. My red baby

    here it is at night
  6. My red baby

    So I guess its about time I started one of these since my spoiler came in. I plan do some more mods but that takes money I don't currently have. Got my front bumper plasti dipped, and as I said previously my spoiler just arrived today(Lancer GTS spoiler) and my rims and tires should ship on friday. I'll post pics when I finally get those on. Planning to get coilovers, new exhaust, k&s air intake, new head lights and tail lights, and eventually get her wrapped. Don't plan on updating this for awhile cause current job doesn't rake in the money. XD
  7. My red baby

    Yes they are trying to thread the wires through the tubes were a bitch though but i got em installed. will post pics later
  8. My red baby

    Came in the mail today hopefully get them put on tomorrow.
  9. Lancer gt exhaust setup

    It should but again since yours is the GT model it came with a single exhaust, you are going to need hangers for the other side.
  10. Lancer gt exhaust setup

    Ok if the exhaust says its for an evo x or compatible for the evo you shouldn't have an issue, but you'd need hangers for the other side.
  11. Lancer gt exhaust setup

    As to your first question I'm not 100% on, but as to your second I have an answer. Unless you feel like making another little hole in your bumper that exhaust won't fit properly
  12. Show Em Off

    Wrap probably wont happen for a long while planning on getting new tail lights soon. But here she is as she sits today.
  13. Show Em Off

    I plan to get my car fully wrapped as well soon as i get the money. Plan on diamond black for the hood, roof, and trunk + spoiler, and diamond red for the rest of the body.
  14. Remove Spoiler

    It should. Then just keep rubbing it off. Think some people us wd-40 to help with that just remember to re-wax the area you use it on.
  15. Remove Spoiler

    I think some rubbing alcohol and heating that adhesive would do the trick and just rub it off with a microfiber. I think water would also work fine.
  16. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Since I've been a member on this forum I haven't seen much blasting here. From what I've seen a majority of the members are pretty supportive.
  17. GT Concept kit questions

    I was thinking of ordering the GT concept kit for my lancer but had a few questions. 1. Where is a good place to order from? Carid seems to have it the cheapest at about $600 for the 4-piece kit. 2. Which front licence plate bracket has the best fitment the oem evo one or the ebay one for base lancers. And 3. I'm planing to get my car a custom wrap, so should A. wait till i have the funds to get the kit, have it put on, and wrapped at the same time or B. get the kit, have it put on, painted(or keep it non-painted?), then wrapped when i get the funds. Any thoughts guys?
  18. GT Concept kit questions

    Alright thanks for the input. Now its just saving all the money. I know some people have the kit though idk how many have it on this forum so I really wanted to know about the bracket. Looks like Ill be the one to experiment with that then.
  19. Replacing broken splash shield bolts

    Alright thanks sorry for the late reply havent logged in for a while
  20. AS the title says, so some back story: One of the screw heads to my oem CAI snorkel broke and had to replace it, so I took a flat head to the broken screw(it was plastic) and manage to push it out but it ended up on top of the bottom splash shield(think thats what its called), so I tried to unbolt it to take out the broken screw part that fell on top of it. Well, the first and only bolt to it that I tried to remove, the head broke off(very likely due to corrosion) and the others look just as corroded so I didnt even try to take those out. I managed to get the screw out by hitting the shield to move it to one of the holes, but now I have to replace the bolt. My question is how easy is it to take out the broken bolt and would I need to take it to a shop?
  21. Question about 'Unpainted' snorkel

    I agree with MINE. Send that garbage back, that is not a quality product. Looks like they left that thing in the oven to long.
  22. Plastidip Wheels

    Plastidip so in case you screw up you can just peel it off. Should last you till you get your new ones. Mine cost me about $1200 but that was with tires. Now its $500 on my computer and about $200 for custom weather tech floor mats when my tax money comes in.
  23. Standing out

    Or you could get a custom wrap for your car. Thats what I plan on getting once I get the $$.
  24. Vinyl Roof Wrap

    Well that is under a grand. But yea $200-$400 is a reasonable range. I think the type of black you pick also factors into the price as well. But it is way cheaper than having it painted.
  25. Vinyl Roof Wrap

    If its just the roof, it should be about under a grand. To your second question, the wrap would be much cheaper than having it painted and you could also remove it.