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  1. DTC P0016 Crank/Cam Issue

    Update. Opened the top valve cover, inspected the timing chain mark, all in good spot. Remove intake and exhaust Oil Control Valve solenoids and cam sensors, check the resistance value, all within spec. Swap the cam sensor form exhaust to intake. Cannot swap the OCV solenoid since difference of the way its mounting. Clear the CEL and start up engine and cycle it for twice. Check the CEL, the P0016 still there. Mechanically the engine its no issue. Check oil pressure, on idle around 2.0 bar, on throttle around 4.3 bar.
  2. DTC P0016 Crank/Cam Issue

    Update. Replaced with new intake solenoid and intake cam sensor, well, for time being nothing have change. The P0016 code still there. Will sent my car to workshop for timing chain inspection. Performed pressure test on evap purge solenoid, the solenoid can hold the pressure, no leak or so. Gonna be pain in the ass for harness tracing if it was the culprit.
  3. turbo kit questions

    use ecuflash with tactrix cable for ecu flashing, evoscan for data logging and etacs decoder for etacs setting/config.
  4. turbo kit questions

    yes you can definitely bolt on turbo kit on non turbo engine.lots of people sucessfully done it including myself 😀 totally depend on your budget and time. if u are pro/experince and have done an engine upgrade before then u can do it your self. if u felt dont have time then let other people do it for u. a lots of site u can refer during ur engine build/tuning. just google it. here at projectlancer its ur best site for ur reference.
  5. DTC P0016 Crank/Cam Issue

    thanks for the links, trap air inside the actuator? how? maybe make sense. i did try to troubleshoot to narrow down the problem. i did remove connector for intake vvt solenoid and start up the engine, able to run on idle with rpm stay at 1000rpm then slowly down to 700rpm. check the for dtc, P0016 gone. then P0010 pop out, bcoz i disconnected the solenoid connector. i will try to swap the solenoid and cam sensor and see how. just order new solenoid and cam sensor and in mean time will sent to workshop for timing chain inspection.
  6. DTC P0016 Crank/Cam Issue

    Hi all, i just recently installed evo x fuel pump assy, fuel rail and fuel regulator on my car. Perform on road test with WOT at 0.7 bar. After the road test, the ecu throw P0016 code Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation Bank 1 Sensor A and P0446 code Evaporative Emission System Vent Control Circuit. Any idea what going on? On idle, the rpm are fine, the engine can run without issue. I just worried about P0016 code, could possibly damaging my engine? Any advise would be appreciated.
  7. My Lancer Race Toy

    well done trancedrift, thumbs up
  8. Uk Model 2008 Lancer 1.8 - Car Profile And Progress Log

    Swap that stock engine with 3.0 v6 twin turbo and AWD trannie.
  9. 15 WRX Turbo on 15 Lancer ES?

    I'm using custom exhaust manifold to match with t28 flange gt2860 turbo on build
  10. 15 WRX Turbo on 15 Lancer ES?

    You need to fabricate custom exhaust manifold to match that turbo compressor inlet mounting and also turbine outlet downpipe. Required few parts and bending / welding skill. You need 4b11 exhaust flange, Subaru turbo inlet and outlet flange and tubular steel. Refer pics below to get an idea how looks like.
  11. Fuel Pump Replacement

    It's sound / noise insulator. Most probably he add on. Good for reduce cabin noise.
  12. Check engine soon light

    Plug in obd2 and check that ces for what problem code.
  13. Why'd you turbo your lancer?

    It depends to certain countries, evo x / ralliart sold there a lot more cheaper then other. So the best choice is the base lancer. Evo x / ralliart parts are getting cheaper and those part or most of the parts are plug n play to base lancer. Cost owning and tuning base lancer are more cheaper then evo x / ralliart. Well it depends to you what the purpose you own / bought a lancer, to become a ricer or racer.
  14. Intercooler without turbo/supercharger

    A lot of people doing this, put a dummy intercooler in front of the radiator to look their car have turbocharged but in reality they are not. Good look for a ricer. Some did change the front bumper with evo x bumper but it looks very empty, so they put a dummy evo x intercooler to look better and nicer. Just make a custom mounting for the intercooler.
  15. DRL SOS

    Just download on its website