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  1. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    Worth every penny I hope so lol.. the only new thing being added is the re-designed headlights and a few new engine bay parts w/ a harness bar in the car. The ghost will be clean as always.
  2. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    Some new updates.. current collection of parts
  3. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    LOL.. naw, i've just been procrastinating.. My tax money is only paying for the headlight job lol.. I've had all the parts sitting around since October last year. It was just coming down to the end of the season, so I just put them away.
  4. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    Thanks man! They will be installing all my parts, alignment, and taking care of my car for the next month while it hovers lol. LOL... they are getting repolished. yeah man, so happy I went with this idea on the headlights.
  5. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    TEASERS! Some even were for me and I'm sharing with you all! Can not wait to get everything back together! Dropping the Ghost off at RT Tuning while we wait for parts Off to powdercoat! The teaser from LightWerkz – headlights already look amazing!!
  6. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    They retail for about $1600-1700, depending on the current pricing. I had a friend who works at my local Mitsubishi dealer, so I got a deal. Depos are good if you aren't picky like I am. The projector cut off is a little different and the I can't control the height from inside the vehicle. I purchased the Ralliart w/ the touring package. There's a dial inside that can adjust the height. It's pretty cool. Depos can't give you that option.
  7. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    almost.. coils are still being hand built. Everything else is pending. In two weeks, my car will be at RT Tuning.. removing all the pipes to get recoated and wheels will be off to get re-polished. So the Ghost will be incapacitated lol i wish I could work on my car like I used to but, 50+ hours and school are killing me lol Lightwerkz is currently workin on my headlights. Yeah so was I. They did good work to other big names in the game with heavy hitter Evo's and lancers... I don't want to bash on them, but I can NOT recommend them. Appreciate it tho!
  8. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    What's up guys! So the winter is coming to an end and my car will be back on the streets.. FYI, it's been in storage since November 2014. Thank gawd I have a new canvas for these brand new OEM projectors! Originally I had them done by LightWerkz in 2013. Amazing work. I recommend them as the Mercedes or BMW of the headlight retrofit world. In 2014, new halos and stuff began to surface so I decided to have some change made. I didn't want to pay too much this time around simple stuff, so I sent them to DMV Slightwork. When I received my headlights, they were in the worst condition I have ever seen. Long story short, they screwed them up and only refunded me the labor and parts. There went $1700 headlights -__- This time, I'm going a slightly different route with the lights.. Clean and sharp. No crazy multiple colors stuff (no offense to those who like it). We'll have to wait and see for pics next week As for other things.. Lots of refreshing plans coming up for the Ghost: -Kaizen LOWER INTERCOOLER pipe -Cusco Strut bar -NRG Harness bar -Auto Fortune 500 DSG limited edition coilovers; 9k/9k swift springs; radial bearings; rear helper adjusters -Re-polishing the SP1s -Brand new OEM projectors are being redone by Lightwerkz -Power coating to refresh old and new parts (redoing UICP, coating the strut bar ends, LICP, harness bar)
  9. Thatboosttho - 2014 Ralliart Modifications

    perfect! I'll send one right away!
  10. Thatboosttho - 2014 Ralliart Modifications

    lol that flip key conversion is flipping awesome! Also, your photoshop skills look phenomenal! I need a sig made. Where can I inquiry?
  11. Damn those gotta be rubbing with them D2's lol.. They look man! I love the wheel and tire profile.
  12. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    haha, not even man.. but I greatly appreciate that!
  13. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    They are man!! Thank you! Yes, heat pads are in the stock leather seats and non-transferable. I don't drive my car in the winter so it's no big deal. Thank you Mel! I come to a complete halt when i see gravel roads.. Or dogde the hell out of them.. with Mitsubishi's thin paint, you can never be too careful.. I might get mudflaps.. idk yet lol