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  1. lancer es front lip

    anyone have any idea where to get this front lip kit? http://i64.tinypic.com/2rzdmjc.jpg
  2. Tsudo N1 vs. SRS Axleback exhaust

    Do you think the muffler delete will sound as aggressive as an axle-back?
  3. Tsudo N1 vs. SRS Axleback exhaust

    Do you know if I can just get a muffler delete and put on a universal muffler such as the GReddy Revolution Universal Muffler, 2.5? Here is a link to the muffler! https://shopgreddy-com.myshopify.com/collections/revolution-rs-exhaust/products/11001125
  4. Tsudo N1 vs. SRS Axleback exhaust

    Which axleback exhaust is preferred? Which is more aggressive or louder? Links for both exhaust below! https://www.semotors.com/tsudo-08-11-lancer-de-es-gts-n1-jdm-axleback-exhaust-v2/ http://www.srstuning.com/SRS_Mitsubishi_Lancer_DS_ES_GTS_08_11_Axleback_exh_p/srs-abex-mesab0811.htm
  5. 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer ES Exhaust

    http://shopgreddy.com/10138100.html#product-details-tab-description This is the link straight from the Greddy website!
  6. I was wondering if the GReddy Exhaust named (Mitsubishi Lancer GTS Revolution RS) will fit my 2009 lancer ES! Thank you!