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  1. W/O Turbo - Sight Shield Removed

    what if I cut out those vented slots of the stock Lancer to make it one big square hole?
  2. W/O Turbo - Sight Shield Removed

    The RA radiator cover is the one above right? so the holes are bigger comparing to the vent like slots for the Lancer. Do you think it is also a factor in bringing air in? How much did you get for the RA inlet duct?
  3. hood installed, lip installed, detail done!

    Yes I do. I have the k&n drop in and still on a search of this ralliart inlet duct to pair with. I have noticed some minor but remarkable changes when I switched to the k&n filter.
  4. New Members Are You Looking For A Tune?

    Rick, We briefly touched base with this topic on LancerNation (FB) and I was just wondering if you guys re-flash the ECU back to stock if she gets a trip to the dealership to maintain the warranty? My knowledge on ECU Tune is very limited and you mentioned something about an e-tune since we are miles apart.
  5. hood installed, lip installed, detail done!

    i don't think so. The scoop is much more deviated to the center rather than the airbox position. I might be wrong with that but if you wanted more airflow directed to your airbox, why not get a Ralliart Inlet duct. It's much bigger than stock Lancers.
  6. Lancer gt universal muffler

    There's lots in the market bro. It all really depends on your budget. In my opinion, I'd go for Injen just because I have one on mine but brands like Greddy , Borla and Magnaflow are also good.
  7. My red baby

    are those the audi type?
  8. hood installed, lip installed, detail done!

    I think they are all similar. Any body with EvoX hood might correct me. Yes., the scoop is directed to the exhaust manifold where a turbo should be.
  9. IMG_2524.JPG

    From the album Out and about

  10. Fireworks

    From the album Out and about

  11. #mitsubishimondays

    From the album Out and about

  12. ALL About Intake Systems

    post some pics when you have the chance. Good luck!
  13. ALL About Intake Systems It says here that it will fit. you can also try calling a dealership and ask. You can use the part number for reference. Hoe this helps.