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  1. New member

    Just do resonator delete and straight pipe if you want for sound. Imo.
  2. 613AA87D-846E-4F66-A02D-6CA645768DAC.jpeg

    From the album Winter 2017

    1st wave of snow storm
  3. CEFB4EF3-7A0F-443B-A88B-7D5CED70B516.jpeg

    From the album Winter 2017

    1st wave of snow storm
  4. 7965902C-DAA5-4FFF-86C2-577FF647EDF8.jpeg

    From the album Winter 2017

    1st wave of snow storm
  5. Nice to be back...

  6. New member

    why are you removing the cat anyways?
  7. New member

    FYI. I am not an expert. First of all, Philippines does not have a vehicle inspection so you're safe. One point to consider is that somewhere in the cat. converter is an O2 sensor that will throw a code and illuminate your CEL. It will be more of an annoyance than a major problem. Another point is that it is bad for the environment since the cat. converter serves as a filter for carbon monoxide which is a byproduct of engine combustion. Having said this, fumes can possible reach inside the cabin and be a risk to your respiratory system. I am not pretty sure if it's really a big deal on what specific fuel you use if you don't have the cat. converter but some says since you don't have the cat. converter, that might be a foreseeable issue. Thats my 0.02.
  8. FYI: EVOIV Spoiler

    #albertastrong wing!
  9. What Springs should I go with?

    I have Eibach pro-kits on mine and gave me a very subtle drop, around 1.2 (front) and 0.8 (rear). I settled with these as winter here in Canada is brutal, I need to have a drivable stance since I daily it. Me and my buddy installed the springs and took us around 3-3.5 hours. Definitely need the spring compressors as it may be very dangerous if you'd hit your face when removing them. Since mine is a 16, we still managed to use the old sway link bars. I've heard for some they ended grindering it as it may be a pain in the ass and not worth the time fiddling with it. I think they cost like $30 at any local auto stores. Here's my current ride height now:
  10. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    A buddy of mine tried swapping his TB to a 4g69 but the mounting bolts did not line up and there was another issue I could not recall. Just take note that his Lancer was a 2008 so I might be giving you a wrong information. He stated that for his 2008, a TB from a galant or an eclipse will fit.
  11. E0EA3760-69AF-48EC-8C3A-219DE3975C26.jpeg

    From the album Fall

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    From the album Fall

  13. 25D99DEB-8103-468E-B386-3CAE877A470E.jpeg

    From the album Fall

  14. Tire/Rim Size Help!

    I am on Eibach lowering springs and run 225/45/18's with no issues at all. My drop was just subtle, 1.2" front, 1' rear.
  15. IMG_3805.JPG

    From the album Fall