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    Just do resonator delete and straight pipe if you want for sound. Imo.
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    From the album Winter 2017

    1st wave of snow storm
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    From the album Winter 2017

    1st wave of snow storm
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    From the album Winter 2017

    1st wave of snow storm
  5. Nice to be back...

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    why are you removing the cat anyways?
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    FYI. I am not an expert. First of all, Philippines does not have a vehicle inspection so you're safe. One point to consider is that somewhere in the cat. converter is an O2 sensor that will throw a code and illuminate your CEL. It will be more of an annoyance than a major problem. Another point is that it is bad for the environment since the cat. converter serves as a filter for carbon monoxide which is a byproduct of engine combustion. Having said this, fumes can possible reach inside the cabin and be a risk to your respiratory system. I am not pretty sure if it's really a big deal on what specific fuel you use if you don't have the cat. converter but some says since you don't have the cat. converter, that might be a foreseeable issue. Thats my 0.02.
  8. FYI: EVOIV Spoiler

    #albertastrong wing!
  9. What Springs should I go with?

    I have Eibach pro-kits on mine and gave me a very subtle drop, around 1.2 (front) and 0.8 (rear). I settled with these as winter here in Canada is brutal, I need to have a drivable stance since I daily it. Me and my buddy installed the springs and took us around 3-3.5 hours. Definitely need the spring compressors as it may be very dangerous if you'd hit your face when removing them. Since mine is a 16, we still managed to use the old sway link bars. I've heard for some they ended grindering it as it may be a pain in the ass and not worth the time fiddling with it. I think they cost like $30 at any local auto stores. Here's my current ride height now:
  10. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    A buddy of mine tried swapping his TB to a 4g69 but the mounting bolts did not line up and there was another issue I could not recall. Just take note that his Lancer was a 2008 so I might be giving you a wrong information. He stated that for his 2008, a TB from a galant or an eclipse will fit.
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    From the album Fall

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    From the album Fall

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    From the album Fall

  14. Tire/Rim Size Help!

    I am on Eibach lowering springs and run 225/45/18's with no issues at all. My drop was just subtle, 1.2" front, 1' rear.
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    From the album Fall

  16. Isc coilovers?

    Lol. Not Life definitely. I've known people who had teins on them and pretty much they're still alive right now. Not unless it's the lifespan of a coilover tou are talking about. When it comes to coilovers, here are the reputable names: BC coilovers, Truharts, Teins, Megan racing. Some people may have their own perception about what brand they want. Pretty much any 08+ will work since the platform have not changed. You can always doyble check with the seller.
  17. Isc coilovers?

    Try checking the price for Tein street basis, I think they are much cheaper. I suggest if you get some coilovers, also get the sleeves to protect the dampening mechanism from salt and harsh winters.
  18. Black 2017 GTS

    Welcome to PL! Where in Canada?
  19. Ralliart hood

    compare them to your paint code that is located near your door panel. CMU10017, U17 - Mercury grey mettalic A31, CMA10031 - silver mettalic
  20. Hey man! I have a 2016 ES. To answer a few of your questions, here are some of my list of what I did that is applicable to your query: (MINE already have answered most of them) Ralliart Hood - Evo hood will also fit, you may need to change the bolts as what I did but it was not an issue. Duraflex is good if you are handy in sanding but I'd stay away from them. I suggest searching for a used OEM hoods to assure proper fitment and less complications. Lancer-X Rear diffuser - I purchased my diffuser on ebay and it was from Russia. It is similar to the M-Power ones but cheaper and the fits very tightly. I did some minor tweaking since I need a bigger exit hole for my exhaust. Plastdip accents-now switched to Vinyl - I used to plasti dip everything that is chrome but I switched all of them to vinyl wrap. Much smoother and cleaner look compared to the plastidip. Vivid is the less inexpensive brand but I'd go with either Avery or 3M. One thing good with these products is that you can always peel them off if you're unhappy with it. Injen SES exhaust- this is my current set-up now. Its an axle-back and it's a direct fir to the newer models. Just keep in mind that there are two different areas where your pipe exits; one from the center and one from the rear passenger side.
  21. You're right with the weight. RA is approximately 1900kgs compared to SE which is 1800kgs.
  22. Gloomy day