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  1. EVO X cams in Lancer es

    From what I have seen in other threads on here they will. Not to sure about power gains though, I'm actually looking at doing this myself on my es! If you get it done I would be interested in some before and after numbers and how it feels! Happy tuning!
  2. New Member In Arizona!!

    Thank you!
  3. Had an accident

    Glad to hear your okay. Sorry to hear about the car. Looks like that would have hurt otherwise!
  4. 2014 lancer es 45k maintenance

    They have the proper connections for flushing the tranny. I'm not sure if it's the same for where you're at like it a for me but I haven't found a shop that can do it other than the dealer. That's really the only reason why my lancer goes to the the dealership is for the cvt flush and that's it.
  5. New Member In Arizona!!

    Do you go to meets out here or anything?
  6. New Member In Arizona!!

    Looking at running the rrm oil cooler!
  7. New Member In Arizona!!

    Warrantedstar454 I'm currently in the process getting ready to order the new adaptor so I can run the cooler setup. Robinson I am located in Peoria!
  8. 2014 lancer es 45k maintenance

    Usually with a 45k service would be oil change transmission flush (if not done already) and any other services via filters that are requiring replacement. If the vehicle is a cvt then the best place would be the dealership for the flush but other than that you should be able to do everything else yourself.
  9. New Member In Arizona!!

    Hi everyone my name is Chris and I am new to the community! I have been working on my fiancé's lancer. It is a 2014 Lancer Es and currently has a custom aftermarket 2.5" catback exhaust, and a HPS short ram intake! I know the cvt models aren't the ideal for modifying but she loves her car so please no comments in regards to just buy an evo or don't waste your money. I have been in the tuning scene for over 14 years and have had many projects. But all that aside I am looking at modifying the vehicle more and any insight on vehicles would be nice from people who have already modified the cvt es. Still learning whats interchangeable between the different years and models. Hope to meet new people who share the same love and passion for tuning and attend some meets out in Arizona. Cheers and Happy tuning!!