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  1. Hey Everyone! So I bought an unpainted snorkel online the other day and all I can say is I am really disappointed. If you look at the images below, you can see why. I would not put this on my car since I would be too afraid of particles flying into my filter. The question I had was, are unpainted products supposed to come this way? I mean it seems crazy to me since it seems impossible to clean all of the interior. Even the fiber is on badly. If you have any recommendations on how to make this part usable please let me know! Thanks http://imgur.com/a/7uQnF
  2. New Member/Lurker:)

    Got it installed! I have to say, I am impressed that it gives the car a nice meaner sound. I cant feel any hp gains to be honest, but I can definitely like the new sound.
  3. New Member/Lurker:)

    Thank you Just Uploaded a pic, I'll get more up soon! I ordered the Takeda CAI, which uses uses the airbox already in the car. Takeda CAI, like this one. It was the main reason I went for it, since its enclosed. Was really afraid of that hydro-locking. I had no idea Subaru lips could fit on our car!!! I am going to look more into it and see if I can find a nice one.
  4. New Member/Lurker:)

    Hey! Been a lurker here for a while and I finally got the courage to post and say Hi! Current setup is a 2013 gt with 60k miles. Some things I want to mod include: Lowering Car New Headers Cat-Back Takeda CAI Ralliart air inlet duct Yellow fogs (Current one cracked, and ideas where to get these with a different plastic casing/design than the stock one would be awesome!) Front Lip I am really excited to start having some fun!