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  1. Plastic shelf behind rear seat rattle

    So far my best solution which I've been using for about 8 months with no issue is clear 1/4 inch tubing pushed between the glass and plastic. I put the link below. I cut it and forced it between them both. Honestly can't even tell and over time it forms to it. Completely took away the awful vibration sound
  2. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Thanks man. I probably won't change the bumper unless I can find an OEM 08-15 one cheap online somewhere. As for the part I had to paint. It wasn't bad. Just make sure it's high heat paint. Made the mistake of not using that at first and it cracked after a couple of days.
  3. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Well I already modded my lancer before I found this forum but here are the pics i've gathered from the time I bought it to now Current mods: -PlastiDip -Rally Armor -CNT Exhaust (SP Elite Style) -Tein Coilovers -K&N Typhoon SRI -STI Front Lip -Side Skirt Extensions -LED Lights in interior -XXR 527 18x8 +42 on 215x45x18 Future Mods: -Headers (Debating 4-2-1 or 4-1) -Strut bars -Resonator and muffler delete -More Looowwwwww -Carbon Fiber trunk w/ Duck bill -Better rims down the road -Vinyl Wrap the car
  4. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Picked up some new tail lights
  5. ChristophrHall Lancer

    I don't remember. It was a lip from eBay. Possibly the sti lip that everyone uses on lancers
  6. ChristophrHall Lancer

  7. New Member from Orlando

    Thanks man. They can go lower. I would probably say maybe another .5-1 inch on the front and. 5 on the back. They are the same thing as the street basics just a fully enclosed system so they cant be repaired if broken.
  8. New Member from Orlando

    I am one of the very very few on this forum with a 2016 lancer GT. Figured I would stop lurking and join in on the conversation. Current mods -PlastiDip (Doesnt everyone?) -Rally Armor -CNT Exhaust (SP Elite Style) -Tein Coilovers -K&N Typhoon SRI -STI Front Lip -Side Skirt Extensions -LED Lights in interior
  9. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Well I went short ram over cold air because I live in Florida. So it rains every day during summer and alot of the areas tend to flood so I didn't wanna risk the chance of sucking up water. I chose k&n because it was the only one besides RRM That had the updated maf sensor mount for the late 2015 and 2016's
  10. ChristophrHall Lancer

    It's Megan racing
  11. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Painted some stuff in the engine bay to match the wheels and emblems
  12. Tein coilovers "Post pictures"

    Picture with the gold wheels was taken two days ago. It will definitely tuck the tires if I were to go any lower.
  13. New Member from Orlando

    I live in Longwood. So a bit closer to you then actual downtown lol. I picked my lancer up from RC Hill right by you. Love that hood. Sent that invite for the group. Look forward to catching you around.
  14. Tein coilovers "Post pictures"

    Could go about another 1/4 inch
  15. 4B12 cat converter

    how do you like the cnt headers?
  16. 2012 lancer ralliart

    check to see if one of your balance weights fell off
  17. ChristophrHall Lancer

    That's what it seems like to me. Cool group of people. Just other forums and Facebook group can be so ruthless lol
  18. ChristophrHall Lancer

    It has different mounting points. I don't really mind it after adding the lip. I've just been blasted on other forums
  19. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Pretty sure every lancer enthusiast lost there mind over the change 😂 maybe if they made an evo with that front end it wouldn't get so much hate. Until then I'll just have to deal with the criticism lol
  20. New Member from Orlando

    I would probably say between 2.5-3 inches all around. Comparison of the front
  21. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Thanks man. Trying to make the most out of that front end
  22. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Where it sits today
  23. ChristophrHall Lancer

    XXR 527's mounted up
  24. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Final shot before new wheels were mounted
  25. ChristophrHall Lancer

    LED interior installed