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  1. Hello sir i need an advice about my 2013 lancer there is a knocking sounds comming i think in my engine when its warm up when i accelerate it from 1500 rpm a knocking sounds comming from my engine but when when i reach 2000 rpm its completely gone and sometimes its comming so loud knocking and i feel my car getting hard to run ...hope somebody can give me a advice to get rid of this noise tnx in advance
  2. Hi everyone my lancer have knocking sounds when im running accelerate at 1500rpm when its warm but some times its gone and sometimes comming louder .somebody expirience this kind of problem hope i get an idea to rwpair this one ....... tnx in advance guys😀
  3. Hello guys i just need some advice about my lancer fortis 2013 a knocking sound comes from my engine specially when its warm up and im running it in the road in about 1500 rpm below when i accelerate it sound comming and its becomming louder sometimes ... best regards to u all brothers