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  1. New on here! 2.0L DI-D Lancer GS4

    Oh hey! thanks, I will have another think! might just stick to the panel filter! Looked at exhaust when it was on the ramp, so thinking of replacing just the back box but struggling to find direct fit. Wanted to avoid modifying an exhaust, any ideas???
  2. Lancer 2.0L DI-D

    Just want to say Hi as i'm new Anyone know if the K&N 69-6544TS induction kit will fit on a 2008 Lancer Diesel? As the description is only saying petrol versions?
  3. Hey guys! New to the forum, got a 2008 Lancer 2.0L DI-D GS4 a couple of weeks ago now, just saving up money to start doing mods to it! Always been a fan of the Lancers, mums got an Evo 8 MR FQ-320, so as i can't afford to insurance an evo yet (only being 20) went for the next best thing! Wanted to ask you lot a question though, I've got a K&N panel filter in it but wanted to go for the induction kit. It says it only fits the petrol versions, however i've seen some people with same car with induction kits. Is it possible for me to still fit the induction kit??? Many thanks