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  1. Isc coilovers?

    You're right they're much cheaper. But what am I sacrificing? Life? Adjustability? And which years are interchangeable with the 17s? Thanks
  2. I saw these ISC coilovers online https://www.carid.com/isc-suspension/street-sport-series-n1-coilover-mpn-m021-s.html?singleid=563251490&url=81122524 Has anyone bought these? Are they good bang for buck? I'm not going to be at the track every weekend but I still want something good.
  3. Black 2017 GTS

  4. Black 2017 GTS

    Hey guys, I joined up a while ago, just getting the chance to introduce myself now. I've got a black 17 GTS, pretty much stock. Love the car so far, I've been itching to tear it apart though. I bought a K&N Sri but haven't installed it and I plastidipped my LED running lights. I want to boost it but I'll wait.  In the meantime I'll probably just prep it for boost, one piece at a time. My pics won't upload, but you know what it looks like.
  5. ChristophrHall Lancer

    What made you choose the K&N typhoon Sri?