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  1. Hello from Washington

    Welcome! I'm new here also
  2. Spolier swap questions...

    Thinking of swapping my stock se wing for either an evo x style, or duckbill. I'm not really sure what I want though, or what would be more of a hassle for me? I could swap my stock wing out for an evo x style, but I'd have holes in the trunk.. which would look tacky even with plugs. I could also swap trunks but it's going to be difficult to find someone who's willing to trade lol. Duckbill looks nice too, but then again the holes are an issue! if anyone on here has had experience with this before, what is your opinion? I'll take it somewhere to be installed if I have to, just want it to look nice
  3. Diffuser recommendations?

    Been wanting a diffuser fora while, but wondering how the installation process is for those of you that have it! I have a 2015 se ltd, but I wanted to swap the bumper to go fr a different look, similar to that of the ralliart. Also any brand recommendations? Was thinking of a Duraflex M power rear diffuser but I'm open to suggestions! Let me know your opinion
  4. Hello from Ontario!

    hey guys, my name is April, I have a 2015 lancer se ltd 5 speed manual! She's still a work in progress and I still have big plans in the future. Been a lurker for a while but owned my lancer for over a year now, joined because I need some mod ideas.