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  1. ALL About Intake Systems

    Took about 3 weeks to get to me. I was able to fit it with the original snap in plastic, although it would have been a little easier if they'd been longer. And you have to drill your own holes. But it was cheap, the right part, and arrived in good condition
  2. ALL About Intake Systems

    So I actually just bought a Ralliart snorkel from an Ebay seller... It's the exact part number (I have pictures and proof if anyone wants) and it was cheaper. Had to wait a few weeks for shipping (The seller is in Singapore) but all in all, it's worth it. I paid $94, and free shipping. It looks like the price has gone down, too. Link for those interested:
  3. Hello from Washington

    Well, guess I know what I'll be exchanging the Takeda for. Thanks a lot, you have definitely saved me some serious pain and frustration trying to put my intake on. And taught me a valuable lesson about looking carefully at parts I order compared to my OEM >.>
  4. Hello from Washington

    Well, I did order it already (d'oh!) But it's from Amazon so the return policy just means I'm probably out shipping at worst. Does aluminium pipe vs plastic make a real difference either way? That was part of the reason I'd picked the Takeda over K&N to start... That, and Takeda was a dry filter over the K&N oiled, which I was a little wary of
  5. Hello from Washington

    Amazon doesn't specify what years it's for... Although RRM says the exact same part is supposedly good for '09 through '15 Pic related: my OEM airbox
  6. Hello from Washington

    Looks like I found the right one on Amazon, although it says it doesn't fit... Probably because they don't specify it for mine. Dumb question though, does anyone else have the stock airbox clips on the left side???
  7. Hello from Washington

    Thanks guys! I'm thinking first thing is the forums convinced me to get a Takeda SRI *I was thinking cold air, but I have foglights and saw somewhere that wouldn't work... Plus I don't want to cut into my fenderwells, and I live in Washington, so standing water is a thing* and try to see if I can order a Ralliart snorkel... I'm trying to keep it to things I can easily justify because "It's improving fuel economy!" and it IS my DD
  8. Hello from Washington

    Howdy y'all, Been lurking for a while trying to absorb some of your collective knowledge, finally decided it was time to make an account so I could ask questions when I had them. I live in Washington State in the US of A, and I have a 2015 Lancer GT with the 5 speed. No pictures of my baby just yet, but all in due time. Love the power, but I can always use more. She and I are going to get in a lot of very expensive trouble, I can already see it coming.