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  1. Hi sir, any updates san po tayo maka bili ng light weight pulley dito sa pinas?
  2. 4a92 Engine Squeak Below the intake port

    update: the noise seems to wear off once i press down the clutch and comes back after i release the clutch
  3. Hi guys, I've noticed this squeaky sound from before but i didnt really mind it since it was kinda silent but as time went by it got louder and louder so i took a video of it and i was wondering if anyone from PL could help me determine what it is. The sound seems to be coming from below the intake port
  4. Hey! Im from the phils too and id want to ask what kind of intake are you using and where did you get it? so as for the 4-1 headers
  5. Hey guys Im new here and I hope PL would be a great help to me :)

    thank you so much!!
  6. Hey guys Im new here and I hope PL would be a great help to me :)

    17k po para sa 4 angel eyes plus install tapos wala pa akong intake po. Plan ko mag intake pero hindi ko pa alam anong intake ang pwede kong kukunin para sa 4a92 may idea kaba po?
  7. Hey guys Im new here and I hope PL would be a great help to me :)

    Thank you joemik1005!
  8. Performance mods for 4a92

    Hi guys I just want to know if there are any suggestions here you guys could give me regarding any performance mods with a 4a92 engine. I was thinking of engine swapping it with a 4B11 but then I couldnt find any and id want to start with my 4a92 first since its all that i have
  9. Im from the philippines and I own a Lancer EX 1.6L It has: Evo X conversion bodykit(fiberglass) Angel Eyes A custom Evo X inspired hood Custom diffuser Dual HKS mufflers with custom 2.5" straight pipes Evo X spoiler(fiberglass) ROTA Titan 17x8.5 wrapped with Nitto Motivos 255/40/17 I came here to PL because I want to know what performance mods could I do in my 4a92 engine