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  1. Lancer gt universal muffler

    Hi I wanted to know the best universal muffler for the lancer gt burnt tip preferably. In terms I just want he best sound becuase Im doing a costom exhaust system so I'll run 2 mufflers. This is how it would look. I would have to do it costom tho becuase gt pipes run passenger side but that's ok
  2. Lancer gt exhaust setup

    Amazing thank you so much for the insight!!! practicly if its made for evo it can fit my gt just need hangers and a 2nd hole. Thx!
  3. Lancer gt exhaust setup

    Hi guys my name's Hector and I'm new here! I wanted to ask how the 2012 gt pipes are setup. I heard that it goes straight middle then connects to muffler, or is it the same as 2013+ where it the pipes runs on the driver side? And would this muffler work for me ignore the red. Btw my car is in the shop so I can't check
  4. Lancer gt exhaust setup

    Ok cool I can do that one more question what about this one?
  5. Lancer gt exhaust setup

    I have a bumper diffuser wich has 4 opening so that's fine I'll have to bend the pipes a little for it to fit the bumper but that's okay I'm just worried it won't fit to my pipes. So in conclusion this will fit my pipes right without no reagasment accept for the diffuser ?