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  1. 2013 Lancer Gt Apex Silver Build

    Evening, Very nice! What's next? Sincerely, Sepelio
  2. My mostly stock 2009 GTS

    Evening, You have to meet the requirements. Sincerely, Sepelio
  3. My mostly stock 2009 GTS

    Good afternoon, Heres a link to the page. Follow the instructions and make sure to vote after the 25th! Sincerely, Sepelio
  4. My mostly stock 2009 GTS

    Good evening, Welcome to PL. Make sure to introduce yourself in the new members thread and start a build page. Look forward to voting for you in ROTM! Sincerely, Sepelio
  5. Removing rev limited

    Good afternoon, Thanks for the clarification. Was looking at the safest tune available. Still on the fence about who to go through. I like the idea of your custom etune but want to keep certain safety features intact. Sincerely, Sepelio
  6. Removing rev limited

    Good morning, I just want it so it doesn't kill my fuel if I miss a redline. No reason to expect any power up there without stage 2-3 camshafts, increased intake manifold volume? Sincerely, Sepelio
  7. Removing rev limited

    Good morning, I know Works has a way to do it via ECU manipulation. I'd like to also remove it but, I need to do a few mods before I tune. Sincerely, Sepelio
  8. Andy's RA

    Good afternoon, Sorry to hear that. I hope you find a good deal on the fixes. I was pretty upset with a drunk guy that hit my door panel with his jeep. I saw them do it seen as I was at a friends and was on the Third floor porch. He happens to be the second floor neighbor below my friend. I kindly confronted him about it right after cause there was even red pain transferred to the door handle. He threatened to beat my ass and told me I was a lying piece of shit. I was like well shit this army dude obviously has some problems. So I bit the bullet and took my friend to the train station. Was pretty upset about it you know how it is... first dent. Dude was really mean. I was pissed but I figured I'd forgive him and move on, no point and carrying it with me. So I forgave him, then I believe God told me he would fit it. So I kept faith that it would be fixed. After a few weeks I saw him on the porch and told him I forgave him. He apologized and said he'd pay for it. He was wasted drunk again but this time he was friendly. So I told him I got a qoute for 80$, he said bring me the bill I'll pay you back. So I'm pretty stoked to get it fixed. Sorry for the rant but, God is good. Sincerely, Sepelio
  9. Andy's RA

    Good afternoon, What happened? Fender rub or hit something? Sincerely, Sepelio
  10. Ceramic Clear Coating

    Good evening, Looks great Michael! A lot of protection from rocks I assume? Sincerely, Sepelio
  11. 4B12 Intake Cam

    Good afternoon, I was wondering if just replacing the stock 4B11 intake cam with the intake cam from a 4B12 would yield better performance than a 4B11T intake cam. I've reviewed a few of the spec sheets via google & projectlancer but, can't decide if there would be any adverse effects. Looking to just replace the intake cams and, mid-high range gains. Sincerely, Sepelio
  12. 4B12 Intake Cam

    Evening, Been working on that for awhile now. I'm going with a WORKS Brainflash. Figured it was the safest route. As of now I'm set on the next modification being a bored throttle body. Just haven't figured out what the intake manifold diameter is so I'm holding off as of now. I heard it's probably 10mm over the 57mm stock throttle body but, would like an exact number. Next summer will probably be the cams and flash, paired with an eibach pro-kit and lighter tires and rims come fall. We'll see. Thanks for the suggestion. Sincerely, Sepelio
  13. 4B12 Intake Cam

    Morning, I'm looking for a balance. I'd like to not sacrifice to much low end for high end. That's why i thought the 4B12 would give me gains in the mid-high while keeping low end torque available. Also it's cheaper to just change the intake cam to 4B12 than it is to buy two 4B11T cams. I'd be better off to buy Tomei Poncams but, not sure if those would give me a greater dip on the low end. Sincerely, Sepelio
  14. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    Evening, Nice & Flush! Any pictures of it in operation?Viewing angles? Movies? Sincerely, Sepelio
  15. 4B12 Intake Cam

    Morning, Read a post about there beimg a dip in power on the low end. Was wondering if the 4B12 would keep this from happening. Sincerely, Sepelio
  16. Tinkering again.

    Evening, Congratulations! What's next? Sincerely, Sepelio
  17. IMG-2971.JPG

    Evening, Love it. What's next? Sincerely, Sepelio
  18. 4B12 Exhaust Manifold

    Good afternoon, I was able to find out the part number for the exhaust manifold ( Part# 1555A412 ). Dealership is quite expensive 534.23$, thats even with 100$ off. Going to try and find one for around 450$. Then get it coated with Cerakote. Thanks again @Pierre. Sincerely, Sepelio
  19. 4B12 Exhaust Manifold

    Hello, Can anyone tell me where these exhaust manifolds were distributed? Which; year, model/s they were in? I'd like to get ahold of one but can only seem to find the catalytic converter version on the Mitsubishi parts websites. I've already messaged michael14 but still no response. I'd like to get one a swap it to my 4B11. Really like the clean look to it and don't want to go for a aftermarket exhaust manifold. Hope someone knows a VIN or year/model. Much appreciated. Sincerely, Sepelio
  20. 4B12 Exhaust Manifold

    Good morning, Thank you so much. If you ever want to sell it let me know. I'm looking to buy one. If not I'll see if I can't find it via the web. Sincerely, Sepelio
  21. Sepelio

    Evening, Looks like they done took down my ability to post pictures. Time to find a way around it. Hmmmm... Looks like this worked for now. Upload image. Copy it. Post it to search bar and search. Copy link generated. Post picture via link. Anyways. After a few days of weight reduction I decided to take a shot of my engine bay. Going to dink around and try and tuck some wires now. Hope you all are doing well. Sincerely, Sepelio
  22. Sepelio

    Hello, Hope you all are well today. Figured I'd start my project page today. I currently own a 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 5Spd. It's going to be daily driven so going for a N/A build, mostly focusing on air flow through and around the car. Doubt I'll go with a lightweight flywheel or pulley (pulley could happen if feel like the increase in output outweighs the loss in stability. Here he is stock with side wind deflectors. Sitting @ stock heigth, I'm considering H&R Sport Springs. I was advised about the damage that can be dealt to the struts so I'm searching for performance struts in the meantime (any suggestions). Just ordered a Ralliart Intake Ducting (Part# 1505A305 ). Should be here in a few days. Next update will include a pictorial review of the install. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy the projects unfolding. Sincerely, Sepelio
  23. Overheat

    Good afternoon, Sounds like a computer/sensor issue then. Sincerely, Sepelio
  24. Overheat

    Morning, Using proper coolant? Have you flushed it? Thoughts on a aftermarket radiator? Sincerely, Sepelio
  25. Evening, Best way would be to do a cutout, then mount a sharkfin or a wind diffuser that covers around the antenna if you wanted to do an extra mod without removing the liner. Sharkfins look nice, so do the diffusers. Sincerely, Sepelio