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  1. Overheat

    It was the catalytic converter not letting enough hot air pass through put a test pipe in stop overheating
  2. Overheat

    Everything is brand new with the fans the fuses relays and everything still overheats fans are brand new and everything works
  3. Overheat

  4. Overheat

  5. Overheat

    Could it be a bad catalytic converter
  6. Overheat

    It was not bad I just did a rebuild on the motor
  7. Overheat

    I am using Factory recommended coolant yes it has been flushed due to everything is brand new and I have aftermarket radiator already
  8. Overheat

    I have a 2011 GTS I change the water pump I changed the thermostat hoses radiator fans radiator itself oh my relays heater core temperature sensor new head gasket does not have checked for warp heads cracks still overheats
  9. New member

    CVT transmissions are nothing but problems cvt transmission blew up and the computer is bad and they want Mad Money for new computer and transmission it's cheaper for a manual transmission and the computer for the manual
  10. New member

    I thought this would cost about 15000 if it's going to cost me around 3000 to 5000 going for it
  11. New member

    I am a new memberand the reason why I joined this site was because I took my car in on the recall once I got my car back I ended up with 2 codes One code is P1590 The other code is p1637 and I want to swap my transmission from a CVT to a manual and I was wondering how much the swap would cost there's already lot money into the car and I don't plan on getting rid of it if anybody is willing to help me out please let me know