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  1. Overheat

    If they aren't turning get your self some alligator clips for 10 bucks from auto zone and disconnect each fan individually and jump it straight to your battery. Test both if they dont turn. Then replace your fans... if they do work then it could be your relays or the connector thats in the middle of both fans.
  2. Overheat

    Have you checked your engine fans? Start your car cold and with the a/c on both fans should be turning
  3. 2013 Lancer SE Build

    Thanks 🖒 @Sepelio
  4. 2013 Lancer SE Build

    very nice ride 👌... how do you post pics ? i couldn't do it. Couldnt put a profile pic kept saying file was to big
  5. 265/35r18 on a gts or raliart

    Thanks bro.... not sure if im going to put the mud flaps next project hopefully this weekend im gonna put some racing stripes on the side. Car needs more black. Was a little bummed out when i got it back from the paint shop used to be red. I would get so many compliments before... and now all i get is.... it's different lol
  6. 265/35r18 on a gts or raliart

    The xxr weight is only 23.1lbs and as for the tire it feels the same or maybe lighter than my bf Goodrich 225/45r18... when i went from khumo escata to bf Goodrich the car felt heavier and before the khumo were 235/40
  7. So i wanted 245/35r18 but found a crazy deal on these continental 265/35r18 read it wouldn't fit but so far no major issues.... stock height and rear fenders are rolled and pulled... front fender liners were already damaged with stock rims running 235/40r18 so wouldn't know how bad they would rub if you have them
  8. A/C stopped blowing

    I replaced my blower motor on my 08 lancer from Amazon for 40bucks about 1 year ago and its still working fine 🖒....