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  1. flying sti

    He would of fly higher and faster with an EVOLUTION!!
  2. Let talk about Hobbies

    Girls. Cars. Beer. Ps3. Job.
  3. Good 19" Tires

    True but it has not failed me..its about to do 30k miles and i need new ones aswell lol..
  4. Good 19" Tires

    man tires are expensive... how much for the stock ones?
  5. Never Valet Park

    suck me off dry!! i dont even trust my family with my car.. wtf u think i would let some dumb ass drive my car away and park it..
  6. damn evo was not even trying. little vw was running for his life.. love it lol..
  7. STi crashes before Streetrace starts

    Damn that little toyota is in big trouble lol.
  8. I want that lol

    they should put a tounge coming out of it lol..
  9. I dont know if anyone remembers the iraqi guy, who threw a shoe at bush. well today someone was pisst at him i and threw a show at him watch. lol (l)
  10. Tricked Out Saudi Honda Accord

    rims are sick imo.. but damn Camber like hell..
  11. Your Driving Song for the Day

    Ofcourse I do lol. Hello Im from the Bronx lol. Aww damn what part u from, yo i was born and raised i lived in Fordham!
  12. Your Driving Song for the Day

    Damn i know none of you listen to this for sure This dude's for sure get more girls than all of your favorite singers lol Aventura: Yo Quisiera Amarla
  13. Ken Block STi with TRAX ! Awesome

    I hate you ken..
  14. How much would you really pay for wax?

    lol Dayyuum 50k wtf ill just get a new paint job every week lol and it would be cheaper.
  15. Houston Lancer Parade around the 610 Loop

    Nice video.. Good old Houston.