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  1. Lancer GT 2.0l 2008

    Thanks man
  2. Lancer GT 2.0l 2008

    Hey fellas! I have bought my first car in summer 2017 which is this very Mitsubishi Lancer. It was in a very good condition and everything is pretty much stock. During this 7 months period it hasn't got me into any troubles, never broke down which is very Japanese like, ride has been quite well and sometimes fun. Not too much fun, though. Those CVT transmissions are a bit fragile or so I have heard. Thus, I don't want to push my luck which might possibly result in ruined transmission Currently, I am not planning to make major modifications considering strict laws in our country and low budget. But, I love my car, I love driving it and taking care of it myself! Whenever something needs replacing I try to learn how to do it and try doing it which saves me money and more importantly brings fun and satisfaction. I am not going to bore you with my words, here are some pictures of my Beast. I do hope that people of this forum will share their knowledge and experience with me to help fix my car myself and I will make sure to do the same. Cheers! Aziz from Baku, Azerbaijan