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  1. Black 2017 GTS

    Welcome to PL!
  2. image.jpg

    From the album au naturel

  3. Fix Rust

    how come a 5-year-old car develop rust? An Untreated scratch which exposed the bare metal?
  4. Trunk lid alignment

    Fixed it... YooHoo!!! There's another rubber stopper which is adjustable loosened it about two notches Presto! lid sits perfectily again! Thanks @MINE for your support
  5. Trunk lid alignment

    @MINE I just noticed it yesterday... Now I can't unsee it! I'll post some pictures so you can get an idea. Left side perfectly aligned Right Side misaligned Left side rear light Right side rear light
  6. Trunk lid alignment

    Hi guys, first post here. Please bear with me if I'm in violation of any forum rules / Etiquette. My trunk lid has about 2mm vertical misalignment on right side. Left side sits perfectly. I tried adjusting the rubber stoppers to no avail - it's non - adjustable (Part no MB888006) Do you guys have any suggestions on how to fix this? :confused: