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  1. I'm going to go cry in a corner now. ... why did I sell you!?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I AM DUMB. UGH. Live on baby... live on.
  2. Thatboosttho - 2014 Ralliart Modifications

    God I love that color! Can you PM me about it? I need to make some changes on my car and am curious.
  3. Snbui717's New Projekt

    Good shit! So did you solve the problem with the BOV you had we were talking about?
  4. Selling My Lancer, Got And Evo X Mr!

    Good shit!! I really reccomend some spacers it will dramtically change the appearance with those wheels and the car! Also have to say the #1 thing you've done to the car yet is that clear bra! Perfect investment!!
  5. Snbui717's New Projekt

    Tomei is amazing! Those parts look incredible! I'm really loving those wheels on there!! How much did they set you back?
  6. Pinoyjeprocks's Ob Ralliart Progress Thread

    Looks good man! Just need a FMIC upgrade!!
  7. Riots 14 Mercury Gray Ralliart

    That ETS FMIC looks really great!! Good purchase!! So you're lowered on Teins and running the Works 18x9.5+30, what size tires are on there? Looks pretty good! The teal will really set them off!
  8. Thatboosttho - 2014 Ralliart Modifications

    I see. That sucks that it hangs low like that and prevents you from going lower! Any pictures of how that is? How tall are you? I have the Recaros in my Wifes Ralliart and she's only 5 feet tall and those seat sit a lot lower than the seats you have currently and don't have the option to raise it higher so she has to have a pillow to sit on when driving. We love having the Recaros though! They are amazing seats!
  9. Thatboosttho - 2014 Ralliart Modifications

    I see! I've heard a lot of good things about the 135i! I don't think it would be a bad trade at all switching over to that! What kind of seats and exhaust are you thinking of for the Ralliart if you keep it?
  10. Would It Fit?

    No the Ralliart exhaust is ran differently compared to the GTS or lower models. You can purchase a Ralliart exhaust and have a shop custom weld it on for you though. I've seen members with GTS's running Ralliart exhaust setups but they had a shop put it on and had to make modifications for it to fit. The way its routed is different along with needing mounting points to hang it on a GTS or lower.
  11. Would It Fit?

    You cannot run Evo X suspension/coils on a Lancer. They are different. You can however run Ralliart suspension on the GTS and lower models as their parts are identical aside from the spring rates made for the Ralliart. I used to run Lancer GTS Tein S-Techs on my Ralliart for over a year and it was great! I then purchased coils and swapped the Teins back onto my GTS at the time.
  12. Thatboosttho - 2014 Ralliart Modifications

    DAMNNNNNNN, that seems like a sudden change of plans! What's coming up next?
  13. Thatboosttho - 2014 Ralliart Modifications

    When's the plan to upgrade the FMIC?? Also the headlights!? Only 2 mods left to really set off the front!
  14. Snbui717's New Projekt

    Amazing looking Evo!! I expected nothing less with how your Lancer looked! Good work man!
  15. Thatboosttho - 2014 Ralliart Modifications

    I bet haha! I would also leave it exactly as you have it right now! It's not too much right now and looks really great!