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  1. For a Daily Driver that doesn't mind about the carbon fiber finish because will surely wrap/paint it, does paying 300$ more for a Carbon fiber one is worth it or nah ? Thanks really much man ! Wouldn't know what to do without your help and the help of other !
  2. UPDATE : A bit more advancement in my research, I like being prepared before buying something and have all my mods already planned hahah ! So yeah, one of my friend have Ikon Motorsport FQ440 kit and it look pretty awesome. So I think I will go with that option, I'm not entirely fan of the random air trap on the top of the Front Bumper tought, I don't know if it possible to hide it or something else if I go to a body shop. Shipping is a pain, 450$ to Canada, rip haha ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Always looking for a Hood thought. I hesitate more and more between Evo Hood or FQ400 Hood. I don't know where to buy from, I've got the choice to buy from Seibon or Autocity Import at this moment because Idk what are the best ahah, someone know what the difference between FiberGlass and Carbon Fiber ? Is it really a gamechanger and can I paint both ? Because I'm thinking about this one : or Here a example of what the FQ 400 hood looks like I think it's very nice and differ from other. : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm going to take the VLAND Head and Tailight, heard good things about them and people is really happy with them, so I don't think I'm going wrong with these, plus they look really good. Will also Wrap the roof with black 3M, it's a safer choice and will wrap the interior trim in white too. As for the exhaust, Injen SES will do the job, look really awesome with a good sound. Perfect
  3. 2017 Octane Blue Lancer LE

    Will look forward to see this !
  4. 2017 Octane Blue Lancer LE

    Welcome !
  5. Dutch Lancer

    Aoutch, so lame that it happens.Hope you fix it, i'm feeling so bad for you hahah
  6. Now I just need to find a Front Bumper and Hood haha ^^ Thanks ! Love the look of your car Would like to buy a Ralliart/Evo Hood but I don't see that much in sell. If I don't find a used one, I think i'ma going to aftermarket one, but I don't know from where brand haha ^^ Your diffuser is awesome, I don't know if I like more the one that MINE recommand me or your haha ! By the way, your Exhaust rock, look so good, does it's sound good? I think I will go with this, anyway there not a tons of different exhaust for Lancer Models I think. Thanks !
  7. Mine Progress Thread

    Just found them on ebay Was it hard to install ? Maybe want to do this myself but with white trim on the door like this : And Bride Trim on the top like you did ^^ I'm a bit affraid of the white being dirty after some week tbh
  8. 10 Years Today!

    Happy Birthday !
  9. Gold Wheel Many of them are more ''Bronze'' than gold looking haha ! ^^ Didn't found the Thread about Exhaust that you talk about by the way. And I had another question, AWC take more fuel right, because of the weight I presume and the 4 wheel that spin' at the same time. If I put it in 2WD, will it use fuel like if it was awc anyway or nope ? Is it really a gamechanger in the fuel consumption haha ? Thanks for all your answer !
  10. Mine Progress Thread

    Nice car man ! By the way, where did you buy these ''Bride'' trim ? Look so cool, original Gray interior in the Mitsubishi looks so odd. ^^
  11. SE AWC new member

    Welcome ! Have fun !
  12. Hey guys ! I'm new there and I wan't to buy myself a 2017 Lancer Es in the near future. I have a tons of questions that need to be answered and if you are able to answer at least one question it would be really cool, it would help me alot ! Thanks ! Exteriors Parts : Bodykit : I had a question about the fitments first, does a OEM Evo Spoiler,Hood and Fron/Back Bumper will fit my 2017 Lancer ES ? I'm not sure about that, but I think only the Hood/Spoiler will fit right ? What's the best compagny to buy from ? I heard about Duraflex for the Evo kit, but I heard that it's very bad quality, is it true ? Can you recommand me one good compagny that the Evo bodykit will be very nice to see and not bad quality. (I wan't to buy a Front/Back Bumper, Spoiler, Fender, Hood and maybe skirt.) (Heard about Accolade fews days ago, is it legit/good and fiable ? The site looks a bit weird) Headlight/Tailight : I'm in love with theses models (Audi Style) Do you know it they are good or if it will broke one month after ? Are they a good compagny and is it good or from what compagny should I buy these models ? Roof/Painting : What should I take ? My Lancer will be white and I wan't a black roof, Should I paint it, Plastidip or Vinyl wrap it ? If you have experience with this you can reccommand me a brand ^^ I will certainly paint the engine cover etc in white, do you have recommandation for the paint or anything will do the job ? Interiors Parts : General : Like above, I will do some paint job or vinyl in my car for the trims in white, Heard about Vivid for the vinyl, is it a good brand ? Good brand or site to buy Shift Knobs ? Audio ! : One of the most important parts in my opinion, the audio system. I'm a big fan of music and I've done many research about this but I'm not a pro so I need small advices too ^^ Are headunit really change something to the quality ? I Seen alot of Android unit on youtube/AliExpress, and they look very good, they have GPS etc integrated. But I was asking myself if it's was very a ''gamechanger'' in the sound quality compared to a Pioneer Headunit by example. I was thinking about buying 2 of this subwoofer : , do you have a recommandations on the box to put theses on, I wan't it to sound really good, and I don't wan't a cheap subwoofer box (Ported if possible) I was trying to search for speaker too, I fell on this ones: are they good ? Or do you know better speaker than this ? I'm looking for 2 Tweeters too, I don't know anything about tweeter that could fit in the car, so I'm definitly lost on this haha ^^ To finish this part, I will need a Amplifier, I thought about two of Pioneer One, : What's the difference between them for the price and what will be better for my ''setup'' and will it ''fit'' Will it have enough power for all of this ? Final, what kinds of wire will I need to power all of this ? Don't know much about wiring, and will I need a new battery or something else to do it work ? Other things : I maybe wan't to change my Exhaust, I don't know many site, or any brands of exhaust. I wan't a cool looking and that have a nice sound (Without beeing ricer), could someone help me out with this situation ? Or have any reccomandations. I wan't to have ''gold'' looking mag, I don't know where to find this, I search anywhere, but here where I live there are not many car shop. So maybe in USA, there more. I'm looking for mag, like these one : So yeah ! That's all for now, I really need recommandations, I don't wan't to buy cheap looking stuff whitout beeing over priced too. I'm sure this will be a very nice Project, with all of theses advices, this will look amazing. Thanks ! Will posts pictures of my car when I will buy it and each time or so I will do add something on it. ^^
  13. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Freaking awesome man, love it, where did you buy these tailight ? I'm in love with these. Will you change the front bumper one day ? Edit : Is it hard to paint this
  14. New car guy

    Thanks ! Hope there people here to help me out ! Hahah !
  15. New car guy

    Lol, would like, but I'm not rich. Here where I live, insurance cost is high as f*ck