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  1. Well lucky me, tonight as it was a bit hotter than the previous days it finally popped! Charging in progress .......
  2. Hi, My battery died last night when it was -40 and the car won't start. I would like to charge it but the hood doesn't pop .... the handle inside feels loose then becomes very tight and doesn't feel like its engaging anything. Is there any trick to pull the spring manually? There is a big block off plate in front of the spring mechanismn that prevents me from moving it with a screwdriver through the grill on the bumper So far I tried having someone pull on the hood while I'm wiggling the handle and nothing happened. Thanks for your advice!
  3. Hi! Long story short, yesterday night I have swapped my ETACS in order to have more options (previous was the original 8637A318 from my '08 ES which I swapped for a 8637A465 from a '09 GTS). I fixed the "system error" in the cluster using ETACS Decoder to change the VIN of the "new" ETACS module. Everything was running smooth and all my settings were functionnal (fogs, hands free, keyless entry, doorlock, ABS, etc etc). Fast forward to this afternoon: I stop by my local dealership to ask them if it was possible to flash an update on my ETACS because it's the one that had the "lights on" TSB or something. The guy did the update on the spot with his MUT-III, and I got the same "system error" on my cluster. I was happy thinking I would just get home, change the VIN and bingo ... oh was I wrong! It seems like he didn't backup/restore the KON file of the ETACS because it throws error about the SRS and ABS system, my central locking system doesn't work anymore (door lock buttons and remote), bluetooth hands free module, fog lamps, etc. Basically, I am left with a car that has head and tail lamps, blinkers and power windows. Everything else is just not working right. What I am wondering is if it is possible for them to "reload the factory settings" of that ETACS module according to the original VIN so I can start from scratch while it is in my car? If anyone has some advice before I call them tomorrow it would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. I just signed up to upvote Kobi's solution as this issue has been ongoing since I've bought the car a year ago. Initial problem was : very very dim ashtray lights, very very dim climate controls led (only the one in the blue part of the cold temperature was barely lit up), only EJECT and LOAD were faint on the stereo faceplate, hazard was completely black A simple swap of the climate controls from an '09 GTS in my '08 ES solved the issue. - Climate controls light up - Stereo faceplate lights up - Hazard button lights up Yay thanks!! PS: the climate controls with the "AUTO" function are a direct swap if you have the regular controls but the automatic feature will most likely not work properly since there is no temperature sensor in the car