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  1. SE AWC new member

    Ive tried so many times to fix this on photobucket and there are so many ads my phone keeps freezing.
  2. SE AWC new member

    Got some pictures up.
  3. I fit 215/60 r16 snows

    Oh yeah and if anyone was wondering it handles horribly on pavement! 0 road feel and tons of sidewall flex.
  4. Hey everyone. Just thought it would be nice to share that i was able to fit 215/60r16 Firestone Winterforce tires on my stock set of wheels with no rubbing! Added a good amount of ground clearance for the winter. Keep in mind i do have all suspension components from a ralliart so my car is slightly taller than a stock lancer SE. I cant say with total confidence that they would have fit on my stock suspension without any rubbing under compression. You can see them next to my 225/50r16 continental extreme dws all season tires in the first pic.
  5. So with that weight reduction a lancer se probably gets a little more performance out of the ralliart suspension. It definitely raised my ride height, and i can still take corners like 50% faster than stock. 225 width z rated tires over the stock 205s definitely help too.
  6. Im not sure the weight is too different between a RA and SE since the SE lancer also has an awd system. Ralliarts have a few added parts to improve rigidity which will add a little extra weight. Not sure the weight difference between the 2.0 turbo and 2.4 motor/sst and cvt transmissions either. I havent had one complaint about the setup. It has never felt too soft or too stiff, and i can fly on really nasty roads and it will stay completely planted. Most of the roads where i live are twisty mountain type roads thatbarent always very well kept. The suspension even performs well on busted dirt roads. Id say if youre going to race on a track the setup would be too soft, but for daily driving its perfect.
  7. 20170122-142055.jpg

    From the album Knadler301

    Wet okole seat covers. Black with red tubing.
  8. 20170326-124418.jpg

    From the album Knadler301

  9. 20170904_155930.jpg

    From the album Knadler301

    Black Vinyl wrapped interior trim
  10. 20170904_135424.jpg

    From the album Knadler301

  11. Sparco Terra.jpg

    From the album Knadler301

    Sparco terras on full ralliart suspension
  12. 20170904_135327.jpg

    From the album Knadler301

  13. Hi guys, Just thought id post this because i could never find a clear answer for this specific question, but i risked the install anyway. OEM Ralliart suspension assemblies and sway bars DO FIT lancer SE AWCs. You can find used ralliart springs and struts all assembled on ebay from 250 to 300 bucks. This is by far the biggest suspension improvement for lancer SEs for the money. Install should take less than 2 hours. There is no spring compression required. Literally just unbolt your entire spring and strut assemblies and replace them with your new ralliart parts. You will need an alignment though due to the difference in ride height. I also replaced the rear sway bar with one from an oem ralliart for 70 bucks. This does require a little more work like dropping the rear diff though. Still definitely worth it for a huge improvement over the stock SE sway. Dramatically reduced understeer. I believe replacing the front sway bar with that from a ralliart would increase understeer from my current setup. Right now the stock SE front sway bar is the same diameter as the oem Ralliart rear. This in theory should promote oversteer more than the larger ralliart front bar. Someone can correct me if im wrong.
  14. Replacement Struts Look at that. 250 bucks! Same seller i got mine from. You might want to ask how many miles are on them though being from an 09 and all.
  15. Replacement Struts

    I replaced my entire suspension assembly on my 2012 SE AWC with oem ralliart struts and springs. It cost me less than 350 bucks used on ebay and is an easy diy swap (<2hrs). You will never get such a good improvement for that money. Such an improvement over stick SE setup. No spring compression required.