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  1. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    I think it's ~2whp from what I read in another post here but the throttle response is sooo much better. I'll have to clear it. If it comes back I'll just do what @michael2014 said. Thanks!
  2. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    P0420 Something about the catalytic. Will have to inquire about it.
  3. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    Oh, I see. I didn't have to do that, just swapped it, plug-and-play style. I had a header back exhaust with a high flow cat made for me months ago at a local shop (2.5" piping). I def feel more power now, but if I drive like a madman I use a looot of more fuel lol Also, my car threw a CEL at me today out of the blue. 125 miles, more or less, since I did the TB swap and Injen CAI, will have to check that out now
  4. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    @JLancer98 you have to replace the black plastic housing from your OEM TB onto the 4g69 TB. Its something that needs to be done! Just take out the 4 Torq screws and pull the housing slightly. I think there is also a gasket which you have to leave on the black housing (like a cover). My comments were mostly recommendations to make your life easier lol Good luck!
  5. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    For clarification purposes: 1. My ride is a 2012 Lancer DE (2.0L - 4b11). I took off the battery throughout the whole process. 2. I had to replace the top coolant line (it goes from the top side of the TB towards the back of the engine). The bottom coolant line is perfect. Suggestion: take out the battery, it'll free some space. I removed the OEM intake as well since I was installing the Injen CAI and it was very convenient. 3. As soon as you unplug the top line from the end that's not connected to the TB, connect the new one and seal it. You are now done switching out the top line. When you disconnect the other line from the TB, seal it (I used a ratchet extension to plug it since the caps I bought were too big). 4. Next to the TB there is a wire that's fastened with a plastic strip. Use a scissor to break the plastic harness and AVOID CUTTING THE PLASTIC/WIRES. This is because the bottom line will be inaccessible with that thing there blocking the way. 5. Put something underneath you car. Coolant will be lost. If you have Injen CAI: You won't need to use a coupler. I didn't, make sure you can wiggle it around a little bit and get it in there. Take off the bumper, it's so much more easy to do it that way. @MINE I did most of it by myself and wasn't able to take pictures mid way. If you need pics I can try and get some for you.
  6. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    Success! 4G69 TB + Injen CAI installed. No idle issues, no CEL, and some minor coolant spills. Didn't need the coupler in the end. Managed without it. Next up: RRM lightweight pulley.
  7. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    Fantastic. I'm installing everything today, wish me luck!
  8. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    @JLancer98 nice. Any updates? I got my 4g69 TB and bought new lines for the coolant, a 3" | 2-1/2" coupler (just in case), and clamps. I'll get it done in the weekend, my Injen CAI is supposed to arrive today too so here's to a productive weekend 🙏
  9. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    Yeah, I'm getting a TB from a 2006 Galant. Just would like to get some input before I pull the triger. If not I'll do it and share my results hehe
  10. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    Hello all, I'm somewhat of a new member but have been lurking for quite some time, mostly reading and reading...and reading. I've decided to set aside some budget and get some mods for my car. Only mod so far it's a custom exhaust-piping 2.5" all the way from the header to the tip with a high-flow cat installed. I wanted to do the TB swap but I've seen some comments in some threads in here regarding that the 2012+ models are not compatible for the TB swap, only from 08-11. I'd like to confirm this, has someone successfully swapped their TB to the one from a 4g69 on a 2012+ model? I'm aware that this car isn't a power-house but I'd like some improvements in power/sound and also aesthetics. Thanks for your help! P.S. I'll be sure to do a progress thread and introduce myself soon, haven't done that yet. It's good to be here and I enjoy what the community here at PL has to offer. Thanks.