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  1. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    I´m with Cruz in this one, you should definnitly put back your snorkel and the right half of the box where the previous air filter was (if it fits), so the cold air will flow straight to the SRI
  2. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    Looking sexy! Keep it going! What are you planning to do after the TB?
  3. Hello people! As the title states I have a black gts 08 walking around in this beautiful country, i got it almost 3 months ago and so far i love it, since I am living in a city where the Sonata´s, k5´s, Civic´s and Corolla´s are all the people see, when they see this debadged black lancer, they dont really know at what they are looking at, i have get a lot of compliments and after that a lot of questions, starting with ¨What brand is that car¨, ¨Nice car!¨ its reallly funny for me. Anyway about the mods when i first got it, it was missing the passenger front lip and the side skirts, so i bought all them on ebay, here is very hard to find, after that i got the window visors and plastidipped the front grill, only with that its looking really nice (As all +08 lancers do). This month I will be getting an intake, Trottle body, an axle back and hopefully upgrading part of the exhaust to 2.5¨, with all those mods i hope i can get this boy to growl and perform a little bit better. Any advice for the car is really welcome, thanks in advance good people of PL.
  4. Mine Progress Thread

    Here probably the 80% lancers are CVT´s, so i am not planning on changing, i said sadly because i know i could get more performance on a manual, but in fact i like the cvt it is very confortable and also i have the paddles so i can go to sport or manual mode anytime which is very cool.
  5. Mine Progress Thread

    In fact i have plenty of knowledge about mechanical stuff, but the things i am really bad is aesthetics, like installing leds, wiring, putting some carbon fiber, i most of the time get a helping hand for that, I am going to install a custom made short ram intake, a trottle body, custom exhaust (mid pipe) and muffler, I am really looking forward to see how the car behaves, sadly its a CVT so as i would like to think it will be a ¨semi-eco-performance¨ car. I am currently living in the Dominican Republic so that wont be possible, maybe when i head to NY to visit my family over there I can get to see your ride. Thanks anyway, i think i will be asking you some things in the future when i start to make more aesthetics mods!
  6. GTS mods

    Hey man! There are plenty of post here about that but i will write the most common, Intake, Trottle body swap from eclipse or galant (4G69), Exhaust (Cat back, axle back), header, Light weight Crank Pulley, you could start with those. Hope its not too late and this is helpfull!.
  7. Exhaust help Lancer Gts 2008

    Do you like it so far?, The greddy i mean, also do you have your setup at 2 1/4" ?
  8. Mine Progress Thread

    Nice setup man, I read the whole progress thread and it is very impressive, specially the details, i feel i have zero skills to do that plus if i want to do it with a shop it would be hella expensive, but it is definitly worth watching yours! Keep it up! One question, what Performance Mods do you have?
  9. Exhaust help Lancer Gts 2008

    Hello guys, I recently joined the forum, and Im having a hard time deciding, especially because i read so many different opinions that i dont know wich one should i follow, i have a Lancer Gts 2008, i want to build a custom exhaust, but the options are 2.0¨ or 2.5¨, i would like to go for the 2.25¨ but im still looking for an store that has that stainless pipe diameter, since i live in the Dominican Republic not everything is so cheap to buy or easy to get, also if you have any suggestions about the cat (i will probably delete), resonator (Most likely i will keep it) and muffler choice. One more thing one friend is telling me to bend the tubes, but another friend is telling me that is better to buy straight tubes and get 45 degree elbows (Or whatever piece is needed) and weld them with TIG, what do you guys think, anything of the previous topics you can help me is aprecciated. Thanks,