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  1. Exhaust help Lancer Gts 2008

    Hello guys, I recently joined the forum, and Im having a hard time deciding, especially because i read so many different opinions that i dont know wich one should i follow, i have a Lancer Gts 2008, i want to build a custom exhaust, but the options are 2.0¨ or 2.5¨, i would like to go for the 2.25¨ but im still looking for an store that has that stainless pipe diameter, since i live in the Dominican Republic not everything is so cheap to buy or easy to get, also if you have any suggestions about the cat (i will probably delete), resonator (Most likely i will keep it) and muffler choice. One more thing one friend is telling me to bend the tubes, but another friend is telling me that is better to buy straight tubes and get 45 degree elbows (Or whatever piece is needed) and weld them with TIG, what do you guys think, anything of the previous topics you can help me is aprecciated. Thanks,