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  1. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    I installed the Supercircuit headers today. They add a nice deeper tone to the exhaust. I still need to get the exhaust redone from the headers back; I've got all the new parts sitting here just need to get it over to the shop when I have time and they have a lift open. I've only driven a few miles to test out the new headers, and one thing I'm noticing is my rpm gauge says that I'm now sitting at 1100 rpm at idle even though it sounds and feels just the same when idling. No pulsing idle, just seems like it's reading high. My usual idle would be 500-600 rpm. Sidenote, if you're doing your own headers get power tools with deepwell sockets. It was a nightmare wrenching everything and trying to squeeze room in for breaker bars.
  2. Mine Progress Thread

    How much clearance are you sitting on now in the wheel wells?
  3. Lancer GT 2.0l 2008

    Congrats on your new ride. It looks very clean and well-kept. =)
  4. Getting a weird idle when coming to a stop.

    Did you spray cleaner on the MAF sensor? The wires are so tiny you may not see it but could still need a clean. Use MAF sensor cleaner only if you do. Also if you have a cone air filter check to see if it needs to be cleaned up too. When I bought my car the cone filter left my hands black and greasy, so I just threw it away and swapped with a new K&N. They do need a periodic clean.
  5. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    Should be a TB from the Eclipse? I forget what the model number was, but pretty sure it was an Eclipse TB. Couldn't get it to work, so for now I had to go back to stock TB.
  6. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    I got the 4G 69 throttlebody. Do I need to swap the entire black box, or just the external housing?
  7. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    Thank you cruz, yeah I do have the fed spec verified with Mitsubishi with last 8 of vin #. I’m currently fighting with the TB swap, got it all done last night and car is in limp mode now. Won’t rev over 3k rpm and continuously pulsates idle. I’m reading through forums to diagnose; swapped exterior black housing from old one to new and that fixes the ASC system service required but doesn’t change anything else. Going to go through ECU relearn a few times after work tonight.
  8. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    I'm trying to figure out photoshop so I can still add pics as I progres. Yeah I'm with you guys on changing out the intake setup; that's pre-existing from a previous owner. I don't have any of the old hardware for the intake. Once I get the TB swapped I'll be getting with a buddy to see what we can figure out with welding and routing new intake piping. I want to match the intake piping ID to the new TB so I'm not creating a smaller choke leading to the TB, and it'd be ideal if I could relocate intake near driver's side headlight area to get it further away from the engine. I've been trying to get the 4-2-1 Supercircuit headers ordered; as soon as Frank replies back to me with the paypal info I'll get the ball rolling on the 4-5 weeks shipping process. After header install I'm doing a 2 1/2 inch exhaust from the headers back, replace cat with a Flowmaster 223 high flow, and keep the current muffler because I already like the tone. That's all I currently have in mind for performance work. Will be getting a black gloss wrap on tail fin and hood.
  9. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    Ummm...okay guess I can't go pic crazy it's telling me I can't throw anymore pics up. Should I go for smaller pic sizes to minimize kb? Anyway, my next little project for is the throttle body. Currently, my rpms will randomly stick around the 2k mark and slowly drop lower when I take it out of gear and into neutral. Mitsu mechanic was telling me it's a common problem with the Outlander (I think) which is also a 4B12, and that they can sometimes fix it by taking the throttle body off and cleaning thoroughly. Instead I bought a re-manufactured one for the Eclipse 4G69 for just over a hundred bucks with shipping. Will swap it next weekend and see how she does. I'm not sure what to expect if anything from a 5mm larger TB, but I'll share what I find out.
  10. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    Added a wing back in December. It already had the holes drilled in the trunk, but someone removed the wing at some point prior. Had temporary caps caulked in to stop water + snowmelt getting into trunk. It was a good buy but took a few hours of modification to get it together and mounted. Sits well though.
  11. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    I've finally been allowed some free time while there's still daylight so I could take some pics and get my build thread started. First pic here is day 1 from the dealership. Came to me with SRI and aftermarket Muffler.
  12. OBX axle back exhaust 08+ ES

    If you can find a good exhaust shop nearby you can go with a custom exhaust setup without breaking the bank. I've got a shop I use that hits me for around $200 to run new piping from the headers on back if I provide the cat, muffler, and O2 sensor coupler. They do good work and they're not a big outfit. Other chain shops would want to charge me the same amount to unbolt my muffler and bolt a new one on lol.
  13. Mine Progress Thread

    That's a beautiful looking ride. How long have you been working on it to get it to this point?