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  1. Project Whiteout 86

    Do the rocket bunny kit omg....
  2. Purrfect's 2015 Evo Mr

    Turning my head to see a photo
  3. 2014 Subaru Wrx

    Money and that will be last once I get my ID1000s and Crawford AOS JAJA
  4. 2014 Subaru Wrx

    I do Eric & Lancerlot - jdmflowrx
  5. 2014 Subaru Wrx

    Mood. Mood. by Chris
  6. Snbui717's New Projekt

    Leave it or get some new wheels ;D
  7. Purrfect's 2015 Evo Mr

    you wish haha...
  8. Purrfect's 2015 Evo Mr

    Haha...can I come up LOL..
  9. 2014 Subaru Wrx

    Thanks ...their will be more upgrades when more funds come in haha
  10. Shark's Jeep

    Nice Josh.
  11. 2014 Subaru Wrx

    Thanks man HAHA I Sure Do LOVE IT...
  12. 2014 Subaru Wrx

    Yeah I plan to do that but I may not take the sponsorship due to the price vs what I can still do the engine bay in Perrin parts *half the costs of the carbon...
  13. "kasumi" New Wheels 6/16/15.

  14. 2014 Subaru Wrx

    So I just got another partial sponsorship with Password JDM for my engine bay needs. All Carbon fiber, pulley cover, alternator cover and cooling plate cover. It's either I do this or get myself ID 1000s...I like the power now but I want abit more power or I just complete my engine bay with all these Password JDM goodies!
  15. 2014 Subaru Wrx

    Well right now I went on the dyno and the dyno read low #s but I made 285awhp and torque is over 315tq..I like the power but I just want abit more until I have to upgrade my clutch since it will start slipping..exterior I am done I just wanna focus on a-bit more power then I'm done haha! For now it's those injectors and front mount then EWG then done for awhile until I build my motor and go bigger turbo but that won't be for a few years..