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  1. Fiftytwelve's Gts (Update: 02/01/18)

    i'm debating right now. if i want to off-road, then i may want to buy another 4runner (most likely a newer gen) and do the lifting on it. i would like to keep my 4runner as pristine as possible. i dont have much knowledge and experience to see the pros and cons between solid axle and independent suspension. i do however hear that many are modding their 4runners to add a rear eaton lockers which supposedly helps the off-roading part. my 4runner only has a center differential which i vaguely tried to learn the difference between that and the rear lockers lol edit: center differential lock and rear lock have nothing to together lol. therefore, the option to have rear lockers would be good to have
  2. Fiftytwelve's Gts (Update: 02/01/18)

    Coil springs. There are so many options. I'm opposite with what you got going, I want to DD my lancer and keeping the 4runner at low mileage lol
  3. Fiftytwelve's Gts (Update: 02/01/18)

    Nice, sounds like youre almost there with it though. Im slowly learning more and more about the 4runner and the whole lifted suspension thing, not cheap, but i never thought id actually be interested in lifting a vehicle now lol. do you plan on off-roading your jeep?
  4. Fiftytwelve's Gts (Update: 02/01/18)

    well thats good. EFI's are just way more convenient to have and less to worry about. youre still building the jeep or is it fully running already?
  5. Fiftytwelve's Gts (Update: 02/01/18)

    thanks man, it was the family's first car and he took such great care of it so i can only do the same. itll be one of the greatest memories i have of him. the gy6 can be a hit or miss, so hopefully i'm doing this swap right lol. i know its a carb'd engine, but for the price of it, you cant really beat. maybe one day, i can convert it to EFi lol
  6. Fiftytwelve's Gts (Update: 02/01/18)

    It's been awhile... I still got the lancer and it hasnt changed much really. Except I ended up breaking the front lip and also did my own retrofit headlights. The car more recently created headaches for me since the A/C system decided to crap out on me, mainly the A/C compressor. Went through 3 compressors (kept failing on me) which finally on the last one decided to blow up causing to puncture my radiator and the oil filter. After getting this car fixed, I may be thinking about selling it. I currently drive a 2002 4runner sport edition now which i recently inherited from my late father. Ever since owning it, I've been loving it more and more. Received so many offers from people who were asking whether I wanted to sell it. But for sentimental reasons, the 4runner will never be sold. I do have plans to possibly lift it and do some minor stuff to it, but I'm not sure yet because i am trying to baby the hell out of it. This is after the first blizzard came through last month. This truck did very well on the snow. My lancer obviously would have gotten stuck lol. I also started a smaller build that I can work on since i dont have a garage to work on anything. From where I started... to the current state now... its a fun little project. a Honda ruckus with a GY6 engine swap. Turned it from a 49cc to a 150cc. possibly doing a big bore kit to 171cc down the road. still got a bit to go first and it is a slow progress again. hopefully, by next summer, ill get it running. For now, I'm keeping the lancer as a daily until i can decide whether i want to sell it or not. I am lurking around this site from time to time. maybe ill update this thread to my current projects lol.
  7. Facebook is to blame on this. There are lancer groups on there with a pretty active and large community. Last year, I noticed a significant drop of activity on this site and wondered why it was happening only to come and find out that many have transitioned over to facebook with its integrated groups page. Because many of us have facebook, it is so easily accessible to those group pages. The hardest part at this point is getting the crowd to commit to joining a forum. PL didn't do anything wrong, it's just that the social media has become such a huge magnet to a lot of people putting forums in the dark.
  8. Can't Get On To 9Glancers Forum

    lol, i remember you on calilancers after i quit 9glancers
  9. How Long Did Your Oem Brakes Last?

    Year: 2008 Model: GTS Trans: 5MT Mileage: 85k DrivingStyle: Conservative/Average Track: No
  10. I Effed Up My Spring Install.

    did the shop have trouble breaking the bolt free using their impact gun? i had mine nearly seized as well. at first, i put some pb blaster (or something equal to that) and let it work for awhile then took my car to my roommate's parent's house since they had their own air tool. took a bit of work to get it free, but eventually got it out.
  11. *Ultimate Lowering Thread*

    Mod, please delete this post. (double post)
  12. *Ultimate Lowering Thread*

    sorry, i'm not sure on the measurement. i recently had to raise it up due to virginia's state inspection. yeah, i have d2s now. i originally had ksport, but i was i need of money so had to sell it. I would have went with ksport again, but i couldnt get the price i wanted it for, so i ended up with d2s. both ksport and d2s are constructed the same way, youre just paying for the brand. you can avoid hitting the wheel well with smaller tires.
  13. *Ultimate Lowering Thread*

    No fender roll. How low did i go? See the pictures you just quoted. unless i'm understanding your question wrong? I did hear rubbing noises, but thats not due to the fender. It was because my front tires was rubbing on the wheel well up top. The noise eventually lessened over time since the fender liner started to rub out into a hole lol.
  14. Hl2 Lip

    not sure if they still make/sell those, but you can inquire at they are the originators. those lips dont come in at the same price as they used to, but if you're desparate, sells those too. not sure how reliable they are, but it's a start for you.
  15. Budget Coilovers

    false. the coilovers have nothing to do with it. breaking your old rusted/seized bolts free are a b*tch.