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  1. Service Engine Light Came On. Any Idea Why? Help?

    what is this homemade CEL fix? Dont you mean put it on the o2 bung and not the cat?
  2. Lancer Turbo

    oh btw i now have my ralliart turbo stuff for sale. lucky you! lol
  3. Mods?

    for reference incase anyone wanted to know for future use
  4. Yepp, buying a used turbo car like ours is sometimes a gamble. But if you have time to look at the problems you can weigh them and try to get a better deal. I did with mine, IC piping was blown off (coupler GONE). They said "we dont know what's wrong with it" i got it for a good price, then the mitsu dealer here replaced my turbo free. I definately came out on top!! Keep searching, you'll find one that hasn't been molested too bad!
  5. Lancer Turbo

    You would need to buy a tranny cooler along with finding a ralliart owner who is selling his parts or buy them new. That CVT probably cant handle too much more HP making the ralliarts smaller turbo ideal, quick spooling and putting out decent power. It would probably cost you a good 2-3 grand in the end if you do all the work yourself and find good used parts, and a tune.
  6. thats a raw deal man, definitely walk away from that car. You'll find a ralliart that hasn't been trashed.
  7. Mods?

    really if you had an evo 8 you will want to upgrade the ralliarts turbo. dont call it a has a ton of potential. I have put about 5k into mine and its a whole lot of fun and still costs less than the evo x...and a TON faster i might add. You may want to looking to upgrade to a dom 2 or perhaps FP red or green along with some supporting car has been upgraded for over a year and is still running strong as ever at 375whp...just my .02. You probably wont be happy with just a boost pill and bryans tune...albeit you will see a difference with that...
  8. My Rpm's Are Not Accelerating Smoothly

    we need more of an explanation. It could be a number of things including your tranny slipping
  9. Which Exhaust Brand?

    I would advise a tune if you start to mess with anything before the midpipe. Anything from the midpipe back you shouldn't need one, but its always better to get everything you want first, put it all on, and get a tune. You will notice a HUGE difference with a tune with a full 3" TB exhaust. Just my .02. My ralliart is pushing 375whp/335wtq after my upgrades i was pushing 250whp/280wtq with just my midpipe back exhaust and bryans flash. Either way I hope you are enjoying your UR exhaust, that was my choice as well.
  10. Turbo Timer

    Why are you getting a timer? I would save money! Don't reallyneed one these days.
  11. Swap done and so is initial tune 337whp 300wtq on a dyno jet...feels like a different car...going to try to go more out of her real soon..... C mon tactrix cable!
  12. Missouri Meet - Interest Thread

    I'm down just lmk
  13. New From Kcmo

    Welcome! Youll like it here
  14. Hey just letting everyone know the MWE (Midwest Evos). Supposed to be a big turnout...lots of Evos and Lancers. We will also be trying to setup a meet for us PL guys here pretty soon for the KC Area...or anyone who wants to make a trip to KC