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  1. "kasumi" New Wheels 6/16/15.

    Congrats Shaun!!
  2. ::Official:: MOD 2012

    It was fun last year guys........everyone should go!!!!
  3. Lol.....thread from the to me ...illl build you lights
  4. 180° for 10 mins will do it.....same to close ...but use black silicone to reseal
  5. Battle Of The Boom June 9Th And 10Th

    Patchogue!!!!! Lol......
  6. New Girl

    Those be some bad a s s rides girls...welcome to pl
  7. The Dude's G35: Game Over Man

    What is that?
  8. Groundpounder

    when i saw this i was like WHAAAAAAAT......sooooooo. sexy bro....bravo man
  9. Oh hells yea i bro
  10. Thanks guys...i just ordered my new hitch and steel taillight guards making moves ppl
  11. LOL i forgot to post pics of my HID fog light converstion hid fog
  12. So I finally did my own custom projectors in my Nitro. I used a G3 6K projector with a e46 shroud with CCFL halos, red demon eyes, and yellow led surround.
  13. Jdm Flow's Madness New Wheel Set Up

    Ohhhhhhhh so sexy